UR 1.10 -  Publications for Off-Campus
                                      or Public Distribution
Responsible Administrative Office: University Relations  Effective:      February 20, 2003
Supersedes:    November 23, 1999



Purpose Explains university policies concerning university publications designed for off-campus circulation or public distribution.


Applies to all university departments and activities.

Publications governed by this policy are those intended to promote or inform the general public of functions, programs, or activities generated under the auspices of the university's mission. This includes, but is not limited to, brochures, catalogs, program announcements, other promotional or informational publications and documents, first- and second-tier Web pages and video productions for student recruitment, marketing and fund raising.

Publications excluded from this policy are internal office forms, classroom testing or instructional tools and academic articles published by faculty members.


    The UNCW Visual Identity Program and Publications Guide, which was approved by the UNCW Cabinet in September 2002, is the official source for information concerning university publications for off-campus or public distribution.   The guide may be accessed on the World Wide Web at


    A brief summary concerning external university publications is provided below.

    University Visual Identity Program.  

    It is the policy of UNCW that all visual communications bear its name and be consistent with uniformly high professional standards in content and appearance. This includes all colleges, schools, departments, programs and units of the university.

      The UNCW visual identity program applies to all visual communications that represent the university to a significant audience, either internally or externally. This includes, but is not limited to printed publications, Web sites, shirts, video productions, exhibit materials, specialty items, and signage for buildings and vehicles. Any visual materials paid for in part or wholly by university funds or public and private grants awarded to the university and funds given to the university through its foundation are included in this program.

      Any deviation from these policies, guidelines and standards must be submitted to the assistant to the chancellor for university relations.

      The creating university department is responsible for the content, accuracy and proofing of all external publications.

    Advance Approval Requirements.

a.    Departmental Approval.  

Prior to printing, all publications of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington must be authorized by the budget authority for the university account to be charged. Additional advance approvals are required for external university publications as indicated below.  

    b.    Approval by University Relations.

    The Office of University Relations is responsible for final review and sign-off on the design of the following items:

    • Admissions publications used in recruiting and admitting students (including viewbook, junior mailer)
    • Publications used for fund raising to support academics and athletics, including Seahawk Club publications
    • Newsletters
    • Publications for alumni
    • Posters and brochures for major campus events in which the general public is the targeted audience
    • Major publications, primarily four-color, such as the covers of the university telephone directory, parents’ guide and catalogue
    • Video productions for student recruitment, marketing and fund raising
    • Display advertisements, excluding personnel ads. This includes those in which the university’s name or affiliation is used in conjunction with any commercial venture and ads in which the university or an employee appears to convey endorsement of a product
    • Custom-screened T-shirts
    • Embroidered golf shirts
    • Promotional/specialty items
    • Signage for buildings and vehicles (in coordination with Campus Services and Auxiliary Services)

    Purchasing Services must receive notice of approval from the Office of University Relations before a purchase order can be issued to the vendor for applicable items (i.e., advertisements, shirts, etc.).

UR 1.10 - Publications for Off-Campus or Public Distribution

Procedure Effective:         February 20, 2003
Supersedes:     November 23, 1999

1.     University Standards for Publications.