UNCW Logo     ADV 1.30 - Cash Gifts to the University
Responsible Office:  University Advancement
Effective:        September 3, 1998
Supersedes:   November 1, 1988


Revisions are indicated by    .  Please note the following key revisions: 

  • Refer all potential donors to the appropriate Director of Development or to the VCUA to avoid duplication of  "fund raising" activities.
  • Deliver all cash gifts to the Advancement Services Office for depositing.

Purpose Scope Policy

    General Statement

    It is the policy of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to solicit and accept gifts to be used for the benefit of the university.

    Fund Raising and Solicitation of Gifts

    Often an individual or representative of a company will contact the university about making a gift, establishing a scholarship, or contributing to a memorial fund. Such gifts may be in the form of cash or cash equivalent securities. All potential donors should be referred to the appropriate Director of Development or to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement to avoid duplication of "fund raising" activities.

    Gift Deposits

    All gift deposits for the university must be made by University Advancement Services.

  Effective:        September 3, 1998
Procedure Supersedes:   November 1, 1988