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Responsible Office:  Cashier's Office
                                      Comptroller's Office
Effective:         May 1, 2006
Supersedes:    November 1, 2002


Cash Receipting Process Flow Chart
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(For Cash Receipting as a Part of Normal Operations)
  • Form:  Request for Cash Receipting Privilege  (MS-Word )
  • Form:  Cash Receipting Requirements   (MS-Word)
  • Departmental Record-Keeping Guidelines for Cash Receipting  (MS-Word)
  • Department Log Book for Cash Receipts   (MS-Word)
  • Form:  Deposit Transmittal.   Forms may be ordered from Printing Services by accessing the U-Business Web site.


This policy has been materially revised.  Revisions are indicated by  .

Required Frequency of Deposits - Applies to All Departments

  • NewDeposit all cash receipts with the Cashier's Office at least weekly, by 2 p.m.
  • Make deposits of isolated or non-recurring receipts immediately.
  • NewIf cash receipts total $250.00 or more, deposit funds from cash receipts that day.
  • NewMake credit card deposits daily, regardless of amount




a.    Initial Authorization/Registration for Cash Receipting Privileges

  • Prior to receiving any funds, request authorization for each receipting purpose by submitting a Request for Cash Receipting Privilege and a Cash Receipting Requirements form to the Comptroller. These forms are available on the Administrative Forms Directory.
  • The Comptroller will review the request and, if appropriate, grant tentative approval, pending completion of mandatory training. The Comptroller will notify the Cashier's Office, who will provide training as indicated in 3.c. below
b.    Revision and Renewal of Cash Receipting Privileges
  • Submit a revised Request for Cash Receipting Privilege to the Comptroller when there are changes in personnel, fund numbers, and/or receipting purposes.
  • Annually, the Comptroller will request that departments submit a new Request for Cash Receipting Privilege and Cash Receipting Requirements form to renew their cash receipting privileges.

c.    Training and Assistance for Department

  • The Cashier's Office will schedule a meeting with the department to provide the mandatory training for all employees authorized to receive cash receipts who have not already received the mandatory training. During the training session, the Cashier's Office will review the Departmental Record-Keeping Guidelines for Cash Receipting and provide instructions for, but not limited to, the following:

  • If appropriate, the Cashier's Office will provide an initial receipt book, endorsement stamp, and locked bank bags at a charge to the department.
  • Upon request, the Cashier’s Office will provide any additional training that may be needed due to changes in staff.

  • Use only the official UNCW receipt books obtained from the Cashier's Office to provide individual receipts when cash is received.
  • If the receipt books held at the Cashier's Office are not suitable for departmental use, consult with the Comptroller for approval to use an alternate receipt.
  • Normally, the Cashier's Office issues only one receipt book at a time to a department and keeps unused receipt books in the Cashier's Office for safekeeping. To obtain a new receipt book, return the used receipt book to the Cashier's Office.
  • The Cashier's Office will bill the department for the receipt books used.

e.    Restrictive Endorsement of Checks

  • Ensure that all checks and money orders are made payable to UNC Wilmington.
  • Stamp all checks and money orders for endorsement immediately upon receipt by the department. Deposits will not be accepted by the Cashier's Office until all checks are properly endorsed.

f.    Safeguarding of Funds

  • Ensure that all undeposited funds are placed in a locked safe or other adequately secured container at all times when the funds are left unattended.
  • If locked bank bags are desired, contact the Cashier's Office at least two working days in advance of needing the bags.
  • Contact University Police for additional advice on safeguarding funds and valuables.

g.    Deposits with the Cashier's Office

  • Deposit all cash/checks with the Cashier's Office at least weekly. If cash receipts total $250.00 or more, deposit funds from cash receipts that day.
  • Credit card deposits must be made daily regardless of amount.
  • Complete a Deposit Transmittal form for all funds to be deposited. Blank forms may be ordered electronically from Printing Services.
  • Hand-carry deposits and the accompanying Deposit Transmittal to the Cashier's Office. Do not send deposits through campus mail or US mail under any circumstances.
  • For convenience, the depositor may leave the funds with the cashier until such time is available for the cashier to count the cash receipts and verify the deposit. However, keep in mind that the department is responsible for all funds to be deposited until its cash receipts are counted and verified by the Cashier's Office.
  • If additional precautions are appropriate (such as in the case of large deposits or other reasons), choose from the following options available or consult with the Comptroller or University Police for advice.
      • Make a special request that the cashier count the cash receipts and verify the deposit at the time the cashier receives the funds.
      • Use locked bank bags or other secure containers.
  • Request that University Police escort the funds to the cashier. University Police may escort funds if:
      • The amount to be deposited is $500 or greater.
      • A safety need exists.
      • The department notifies University Police by 5 p.m. on the prior day that service is needed.
      • The deposit/staff is ready by 10:30 a.m. on the day service is needed.
  • The Cashier's Office will notify the department immediately by telephone if a discrepancy is found when the cash receipts are counted.
  • Once the deposit has been counted and verified, the Cashier's Office will e-mail an official numbered receipt to the e-mail address indicated on the Deposit Transmittal for reconciliation with Banner.

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