School of Nursing Newsletter

Farewell to Nancy Grant

GrantNancy Grant possesses a natural ease as to her role and how she “fits” into this world. It is no wonder that she creates for everyone in her presence a sense of comfort and well-being. This is due not only to the kindness and respect that she reflexively gives to each person, but that she has such interesting ideas to share or points to argue. She offers a wide perspective on life based on her own experiences. 

Nancy began her nursing career as a diploma nurse graduate in Pennsylvania. Her academic pursuits continued as she returned to school for her BSN degree and eventually her MSN. Most of her bedside nursing centered on critical care patients having worked as a staff nurse in a surgical trauma intensive care unit and later as the manager of the unit. She went on to assist in the development of a cardiovascular intensive care unit and an Open Heart Program, of which she was the manager for the next five years. 

In 2005 Nancy and her husband Pete moved to Wilmington where she worked at NHRMC as a staff nurse in the CVICU. In 2006 she precepted a UNCW capstone student, which led to a clinical instructor position and a year later to a full-time lecturer position.  She taught first-semester students Health Assessment and second-semester seniors Adult Health II as a class lecturer and as a clinical instructor.For the past two years she has also taught in the RN-BSN online program and has served as the advisor in the Nurses Christian Fellowship at UNCW.   

While Nancy’s work experiences are serious and committed, she is also playful and fun, creative and warm, and immensely thoughtful of others. Consistently she is recognized by her students for her contributions to their nursing education and for her acknowledgment of their goodness and worth. Outside of academics she prides herself on having raised the most perfect grandchildren. 

For those of us fortunate enough to call her our colleague, Nancy has been a gift in whose strength, compassion and good nature we have delighted. Nancy, we wish you all the best for a happy and healthy retirement.