School of Nursing Newsletter

Simulation Learning Center News 

One goal of simulation is to improve patient outcomes. The Simulation Learning Center faculty and staff attempt to make simulated clinical scenarios as realistic as possible to reflect actual patient situations and to engage students to develop sound clinical judgment.

DebriefingOne essential element in preparing students for health care practice is collaboration with other disciplines. Accordingly, the SLC faculty developed a complex simulation with Joseph Pino (a medicine/pediatrics physician) on Sept. 5 along with five senior nursing students enrolled in the Nursing Leadership course and three UNC-Chapel Hill medical students. Two standardized patients enhanced the realism of the scenarios and provided feedback. The Nursing Leadership class observed videos taken of the simulation and reflected upon the scenarios portrayed in the videos. The collaboration between disciplines received positive responses from the students. The debriefing included beneficial feedback from SEAHEC staff, a nurse specialist in sepsis and a pulmonologist as well.   

One of the many tours this semester included alumni from the SON’s first graduating class (May ’67). The alumni marveled at the impact of modern technology on nursing education and enhancement of student learning experiences.

Prelicensure students in the two newest cohorts of the program spent time each week in simulation within small groups, which resulted in boosting student competence and confidence. Meanwhile, the final semester clinical simulations for the prelicensure students utilized standardize patients and were all very successful. Students were able to provide verbal feedback in debriefing with one student stating, “I love working with a real patient.”