School of Nursing Newsletter

Reflection Day - December '17

Students enrolled in the undergraduate pediatrics and community nursing courses made and presented “reflective projects” to express the art of nursing. Each student chose a client who made an impression upon him or her during the community or pediatric clinical rotations. Then each student presented to faculty and student peers an original fine arts expression of an understanding of the “whole” person, i.e., the respective chosen client, during a special presentation event on Nov. 28. 

Students voted on their choice for various award categories. The categories and winners within each were as follows: “The One I Wish I Had Thought Of”: Rielee Welch; “Most Talented”: Daniel Bartoloni; “The One that Conveyed the Essence of Nursing”: Hannah Branthem; “The One that Made Me Smile”: Emma Cavedo; “The One that Made Me say ‘Wow’”: Taylor Bennett; “Best Integration of the Arts/Humanities”: Maureen Moore; and “The One that Really Touched Me”: Mike Murphy and Kellly Davis (tie).   

Winners and their projects are pictured below: