School of Nursing Newsletter

Faculty Podium and Poster Presentations

SON faculty made various poster and podium presentations throughout the fall semester. Listed below are the presenting SON faculty and citations of their presentations.  

Jeeyae Choi (poster presentation)

ChoiChoi, J., (Nov. ’17).  Applying Storyboarding Technique in Development of a Pain Management Mobile App at the 25th Annual Nu Omega Research Day. Collaborators were Elizabeth Baker, Swanand Nalawade, Anna Peacock and Hanjoo Lee. Pictured at left is Choi.  

Kelly Ellington 

Poster Presentations:

  • EllingtonEllington, K. (2017) (pictured at right). Web-based perinatal education for the new obstetrical patient: A quality improvement. Poster presenter at regional conference of NC/SC 24th Annual Perinatal Partnership Conference, Charlotte, NC.
  • Ellington, K. (2017). Web-based perinatal education for the new obstetrical patient: A quality improvement. Poster presenter at 4th annual NCNA DNP Education Symposium: Our many faces of the DNP prepared nurse. Greensboro, NC.

Podium Presentation:

  • Ellington, K. (2017). Women’s health equity: Advocacy for 3D mammography coverage at the NC Board of Trustees of State Health Plan, Raleigh, NC.
  • Ellington, K. (2017). 3D mammography matters at the national conference of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, Seattle, WA.

Beth Gazza (podium presentation) 

  • Gazza, B. (Oct. ‘17).  Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Self-assessment of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes toward Scholarly Writing at the Sigma Theta Tau International 44th Biennial Convention, Indianapolis, IN.  

Debra Hrelic (podium presentation)

  • Hrelic, D. (Nov. ’17).  Nursing Leaders Desired Attributes of Graduate Nurses Seeking Employment at the 25th Annual Nu Omega Research Day. 

 Sarah Lawson (poster presentation)

  • Lawson, S. (Nov. ’17).  NET Exploration of Peer Evaluation Experience at the 25th Annual Nu Omega Research Day.  Collaborators were Soo Kim-Godwin, Stephanie Turrise, and Melissa Barber

Barbara Lutz (podium presentations)

  • Lutz, B.J. (Nov., 2017) M. on What I Didn’t Know – Helping Family Members Transitioning into the Caregiving Role. This presentation was part of an invited pre-conference workshop at the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses 42nd Annual Education Conference, Seattle, WA. Collaborators on the project included M. Carmicia and M. Radwanski.
  • Lutz, B.J. (Sept. ‘17) on Nurses’ Role in Transitions of Care at the Stroke Quintessentials Conference, Reading, PA. 

Scott Saccomano (poster presentation)

  • Saccomano, S. (Nov. ’17). A Quality Improvement Approach in Preventing Falls in the Elderly at the 25th Annual Nu Omega Research Day.

Stephanie Turrise  

Poster presentations:

  • TurriseStephanie Turrise and Honors Student Nicole Brewer (BSN, May ’18) (Nov. ‘17). Nurses’ Knowledge and Treatment Beliefs: Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) at the NC Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium held at Campbell University in Buies Creek. The poster was also presented at the STTI Nu Omega Research Day on Nov. 17. Other faculty members on this Honors project included SON Professor Soo Kim-Godwin and Associate Professor of Psychology Richard Pond.
  • Turrise, S. (Oct. ’17).  Effects of Mindfulness on Outcomes in Cardiac Rehabilitation Participants: A Pilot Study at the 32nd annual meeting of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Other collaborators on the project included Nasrin Ralsafi, Richard Pond and Natalie Swiger.   
  • Turrise, S. (Oct. ’17).  Clinical Reasoning: OPTimizing Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education at the Sigma Theta Tau International 44th Biennial Convention. Collaborators on this project included RuthAnne Kuiper, University of Minnesota Professor Daniel Pesut and Sandra O’Donnell.  

Podium presentation: 

  • Turrise, S. (Oct. ’17). The Experience of Illness Control and Hospital Readmission in Adults with Chronic Heart Failure. Collaborators on the project included Nina Hadley, Denise Phillips-Kuhn and Barbara Lutz. Turrise is pictured at right.