School of Nursing Newsletter

Spring 2017 Reflection Day  

On May 2, students enrolled in the Pediatric Nursing and Community Nursing courses presented their reflective projects. This assignment is a collaborative effort between the two courses. Students were asked to select patients from one of their clinical experiences who had impacted them in some way. The assignment requires each student to write a paper presenting the patient’s pathophysiology and relevant nursing diagnoses and then use the OPT Model to plan care for the patient. Students were also required to create a project that incorporated the arts and humanities and was reflective of what they saw in their patients and/or family members.  During the individual presentations students explained how the selected patients had impacted them as nurses and how the caring experiences frame models to be used in the future.

Group Photo of WinnersAll students voted on their choices of whom they feel is most deserving of the various award categories.  Recipients named as the “winners” of each category are listed (with the award category in parentheses):   Casey Deyoung (The One that Touched Me), Erin Sagers (Most Talented), Tori Getek (The One I Wish I had Thought Of), Elise Ranosa (Best Integration of the Arts and Humanities), Alix Theodossius (Demonstrated the Essence of Nursing), Michaela Davis (The One that Made Me  Smile), Heidi Friant and Efrain Campos (a tie for the category The One that Made Me Say “Wow!”).