School of Nursing Newsletter

Honors Projects – Spring 2017

Congratulations to the Honors students who completed and presented their research projects this spring. As part of the UNCW Honors College, students are provided opportunities to engage in independent and creative scholarly activity and receive departmental honors upon completion and presentation of their research projects at graduation. 

Graduating seniors who achieved departmental honors are listed below with the titles of their research and their respective faculty chairs:

Naomi Joy Clark, “Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding Advance Care Planning in Active Duty Military Personnel Ages 18-20.” Chair: Barbara Lutz.

Tyra Claire Girdwood, “Descriptive Qualitative Analysis of the Quantified Life of Cystic Fibrosis Patients.” Chair: Carolyn Jones.

Katie LangKatharine Elizabeth Lang, “Determining Initial Knowledge of Undergraduate Students What Variables Influence Their Selection of Advanced Practice Healthcare Provider Roles.”  Chair: April Matthias.  In photo on left is pictured RuthAnne Kuiper, Lang and the chair of her project April Matthias.

Loni Elizabeth Tyndall, “Nursing Barriers to Implementation of Daily Sedation Interruption.” Chair: Penny Sauer.

Laura Anne Margaret Voyce, “Acquisition of Knowledge Related to Genetics Among Prelicensure Nursing Students.” Chair: Carolyn Jones.

Kelli Laurice Ward, “College-Age Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intentions Towards Advance Care Planning.” Chair: Barbara Lutz.

Sarah Jordan Wilkins, “Perinatal Loss and Coping: A Qualitative Study on Blogging and Coping Strategies for Infant Bereavement.” Chair: Carolyn Jones.