School of Nursing Newsletter

Notable Achievements

Book cover
Congratulations to RuthAnne KuiperDaniel Pesut (Professor of Nursing, University of Minnesota), Stephanie Turrise and Sandra O’Donnell on the upcoming publication of their book, The Essentials of Clinical Reasoning for Nurses. The book is being published by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International and will be sold through its subsidiary, Nursing Knowledge International as well as Amazon and other national distributors. The book examines the OPT Model of Clinical Reasoning, a theoretical framework that nurses and students can use to guide thinking about patient care. The expected release date is set for May 24.

Congratulations to Diane Pastor, Tami Arms and Andrea Jones (Social Work) on several presentations, both podium and poster, on “Driving Safety for Persons with Dementia.” The citations are as follows:

Pastor, D.K., Jones, A.J. & Arms, T. National Poster presentation: "Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Driving Safety for Persons with Dementia." National Academies of Practice Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, March ‘17.
Pastor, D.K. & Jones, A.J. NC Nurse Practitioner Spring Symposium, Regional Podium Presentation: “Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Driving Safety for Persons with Dementia,” Asheville, NC, March ‘17.
Pastor, D.K. & Arms, T. Alzheimers NC Caregiver Education Conference. Regional Podium Presentation: “Driving Safety for Persons with Dementia: What Caregivers Need to Know," Wilmington, NC, May ‘17.
Pastor, D.K., Arms, T. & Jones, A.J. Poster presentation, Local: "Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Driving Safety for Persons with Dementia." UNCW CHHS Research Day, Wilmington, NC, March 2017.

Mary Ann Patton (RN-BS student) had her letter to the editor submitted to American Nursing Today accepted for online publication. Her instructor was Matthew Gallek.

Congratulations to Beth Gazza for her service as the chair of the UNCW IRB for the past two years. (See photo below.)

beth gazza with award

Beth Gazza and Mitzi Averette made a podium presentation at the NCLN spring ’17 Workshop. Their presentation was entitled: “Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, Oh My! Social Media in Nursing Education.”  (See photo at left.)

Congratulations to Beth Gazza, Diane Pastor, Brandy Mechling, Justine Reel (CHHS) and April Matthias for their published research. The citation is as follows: Gazza, E. A., Pastor, D. K., Mechling, B., Reel, J. J., & Matthias, A. D. (2017).  "We are all in the together: Sharing expertise as a way to increase publication success." Nurse Author & Editor, 27(2), 6.

Beth Gazza was awarded a CHHS Cultural Activity Grant and brought a country music duo Steel Blossoms to campus for a wellness event called “Blossoming Through Reflection: Using Country Music to Promote Wellness.”  The musical session was held on March 30 as part of CHHS Health and Human Services Week. The grant was interdisciplinary and included Richard Uranga (Social Work) and Brandi Crowe (SHAHS).

NLN group photo

RuthAnne Kuiper and Beth Gazza, members of the NCLN Board, coordinated a spring workshop at UNCW on March 24. The full-day event brought nurse educators from across the state of NC together to discuss the use of social media in nursing education. Pictured at left are NCLN board members (left to right) Jackie Debrew (UNCG), Elizabeth Van Horn (UNCG), Terry Ward (NCLN president from NC A&T State), RuthAnne Kuiper and Beth Gazza.

Mitzi Averette conducted a workshop at the University of North Arkansas on “Foundations of Simulation Pedagogy” on March 15. Averette also made two presentations at the You Bought the Manikin Conference in Raleigh March 30-31: 1) on a panel representing the NCNA Simulation Council, and 2) a podium presentation entitled “Using Sim for Psych.” In addition, Averette spoke at the Associate Degree Nursing Conference on April 21 on “Current State of the State Simulation Council Overview.”

Averette hosted a CHHS Health & Human Service Week event: “Supporting Students in Recovery” on March 28.