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Volume 10, Issue 3 May 2017: End of Year Issue

Greetings from the Director

Badzek at graduation

Spring is in full bloom and summer is fast approaching.  During this wonderful month of May we celebrate our newest UNCW graduates, National Nurses week, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. 

We are so proud of our Nursing and Clinical Research graduates who continue to bring us and our community partners who hire them much joy!  Our graduates are stellar. Over 300 this spring.

Last week the school joined with our region to celebrate our Nursing history, past, present and future at the Nurses Day Celebration.  The Chancellor gave a wonderful welcome highlighting the successes of our UNCW School of Nursing.  We were also so pleased to select and honor our 2017 Nursing Alumnus, Blaise Bolan, who graduated from our BSN and our MSN programs.  We were equally delighted that other outstanding local alumni had attended our programs.  If you were not able to be present, please plan to join us next year.  It is truly a wonderful celebration of nursing.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I sent my good wishes to all mothers, and especially my own.  Mother’s are very special people.  If not for them, we would not be here today.

Finally, a hats off to our students, faculty, alums and colleagues who serve in our armed forces and especially to those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.  We owe our gratitude to them for their commitment to our country.  As we launch into summer, on Memorial Day, let us take a moment to honor and thank our military men and women.

Be well, Laurie                                                                                      

Notable Recognition

Susan SinclairSeveral faculty have achieved recognition for outstanding teaching practices in the classroom and clinical settings, mentoring students and providing leadership in organizational programs. We especially recognize Susan Sinclair as the receipient of the 2017 Chancellor's Teaching Award and Blaise Bolan as the 2017 UNCW Alumni of the Year.  (more)

Notable Achievements: 

Presentations and Publications

Faculty and students continue to showcase their published work and make public presentations of research. Faculty are also recognized for the work they perform for the university, most notably Beth Gazza for serving as chair of the UNCW IRB for the past two years, grant awards, and service on national and local levels. (more)

Student Innovation in the Clinical Setting

One first-semester clinical group, led by clinical instructor Mitzi Averette, took the initiative to research adaptive device communication deficits and were able to assist an elderly person to overcome difficulties with verbal expression.  (more)

Development of a Hybrid Course: A "First" 

Carol Heinrich and April Matthias were awarded a grant from the NC Area Health Education Center to enhance nursing education opportunities in rural and underserved areas. In collaboration with Carteret Health Care, they offered students additional support as they began their online education journey. Students experienced a face-to-face program orientation with Matthias and their advisors. These efforts provided student opportunities to work together and create a learning community to facilitate the navigation of an online course.  (more)

Student Honors Projects

Loni TyndallCongratulations to the Honors students who completed and presented their research projects this spring. See related story for student names, faculty chairs and a listing of the various project titles. At left is pictured Honors student Loni Tyndall with Director Badzek.  (more

Clinical Research News

CLR facultyThe graduate Clinical Research program graduated four students this month and the undergraduate program saw 50 students graduate. Several presentations, conference attendances and a grant award are among a few of the many activities of the Clinical Research program.  (more)  

News from the Graduate FNP Program

The FNP program is flourishing as far as increasing applicants for the fall '17 semester. The highly competitive program will see an enrollment of 50 full-time, 10 part-time, and 15 post-master's students who will begin studies in August 2018.  (more)

2017 Nurses Celebration

blaise and laurieNearly 300 nurses and guests gathered in the Burney Center on May 11 to celebrate Nurses Week and to recognize nurses of distinction. This annual event is an exciting evening that allows nurses from surrounding schools, hospitals, clinics and hospice facilities to reconnect and honor scholarship recipients, distinguished alumni and extraordinary nurses who work in various capacities.   (more)

SLC News

Activities within the Simulation Learning Center continue to flourish. New innovations and collaborations are being planned. SLC Coordinator Robin Cunningham reports on the latest activities and innovations.  (more)  

Reflection Day - Spring '17

Reflection Day projectUndergraduate pediatrics and community nursing courses collaborated to engage students in learning the art of nursing through their reflective projects. Students chose clients who had made impression upon them during their community or pediatric clinical rotations. Using an artistic expression of understanding the "whole" person, each student made a presentation to the class at an event on May 2.  (more)

Bolivia Trip

Morgan Clark (May ’18), founder and president of the UNCW organization Make A Change, hopes to interest other nursing students in participating in a volunteer trip to Bolivia in December 2017.  (more)

News from Student Organizations

Student organizationals elect new officers and honor the graduating seniors. (more)

News from the Office of Student Success

Test scores and demographics of the newest prelicensure cohort (Class of Dec. '19).  (more)