School of Nursing Newsletter


Congratulations to faculty for recent achievements in publishing.  Authors (in alphabetical order) and citations of their respective publications are as follows:

Tammy Arms.   Arms, T. (2016). The NPs role of assessing and intervening with older adult drivers. Nursing Research and Practice. doi: 10.1155/2016/3254857.

Beth Gazza, Diane Pastor, April Matthias, Brandy Mechling and Justine Reel.  Gazza, E., Pastor, D.K., Matthias, A., Mechling, B. & Reel, J. (2017). We are all in this together: Sharing expertise to increase publication success. Nurse Author & Editor, 27(2), 6.

Beth Gazza.   Oyarzun, B., & Gazza, E. A. (2017). Online applied learning in nursing education. In J. Stefaniak (Ed.), Advancing Medical Education through Strategic Instructional Design. Hersey, PA: IGI Global.           

Anne-Marie Goff and Patty White.  Contributors to:  Ohman, K.A. (2017) Davis’s Q & A Review for NCLEX-RN, 2nd Ed., Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

April Matthias.  Matthias, A. (2017). “New educational pathways for differentiated nursing practice: A continuing dilemma,” In S. Lewenson, A. McAllister, and K. Smith (Eds.), Nursing History for Contemporary Role Development (pp. 121-140). New York, N.Y.: Springer Publishing Co.

Diane Pastor and Tammy Arms.  Pastor, D., Jones, A.,& Arms, T. (2017). Where the rubber meets the road. Home healthcare Now, 35, 26-32.

Diane Pastor and Andrea Jones (School of Social Work).   Jones, A. & Pastor, D.K.  (2017). Complicated dementia: Teaching caregivers to recognize signs and take the next steps. Accompanied by Continuing Education Module. Home Healthcare Now, 35(3), 142-149.

Penny Sauer.  Sauer, P., Hannon, A. E., Beyer, K. B. (2017). Peer incivility among prelicensure nursing students: A call to action for nursing faculty. Nurse Educator.

Stephanie Turrise.   Turrise, S. (2016). An innovative classroom teaching strategy:   Using high-fidelity patient simulation. Nursing Education Perspectives, 37(6), 363-364.