School of Nursing Newsletter

DNP Update

Contemporary practice in nearly every profession is requiring a doctorate for entry into practice; some of these include pharmacy, audiology and physical therapy. The SON is responding to the call for more highly educated nurses to fill the void that currently exists and is predicted to continue.

At present, less than 1 percent of nurses have doctoral degrees, but graduates from the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs are quickly filling that void. In 2016 there were 289 DNP programs in the U.S. and 128 more programs at the planning stage, according to the AACN website. The DNP is an excellent choice for nurses who seek to affect the quality, safety and the systems of care provided in any setting. 

Linda PughUNCW’s first DNP cohort began studies in the fall 2016 semester. With potential students expressing robust interest, the second cohort of students will begin the program in August. Students have the opportunity to complete the program of study in as few as five semesters. Linda C. Pugh, coordinator of the DNP program and pictured on right, will be happy to respond to inquiries about the program. She can be reached at 910.962.7296 or