School of Nursing Newsletter

The Spring 2017 Belize Experience

NP examining studentThree faculty, nine graduate FNP students and eight prelicensure students spent their spring break in the Cayo region of the Central American country of Belize. The destination was San Ignacio, a town located in the western part of the country and east of Guatemala. Over the course of seven days students and faculty conducted health clinics and educational sessions within a variety of settings: schools in Santa Elena, Georgeville and San Ignacio. They saw preschool- and school-age children as well as several mothers. Altogether the group saw about 800 children whose primary health problems were dental caries, poor nutrition and excess cerumen. 

The group also visited the Octavia Waight Center, a care home for the elderly/disabled, and San Ignacio Community Hospital, where students were able to compare and contrast U.S. hospitals with those in Belize. 

Susan MarshallJane FoxSightseeing activities were also part of the expedition and participants enjoyed cuisine at local eateries and at the hotel where they stayed.  

Appreciation goes to those who participated in this expedition. Success can be attributed to planning (which began in early fall and continued until the group departed) and leadership. Thank you to those who provided the leadership throughout: Jane Fox (pictured at right), Susan Marshall (photo at left) and Stephanie Turrise.