School of Nursing Newsletter

News from the SLC

The past semester is not unlike others in the Simulation Learning Center as far as innovative activities and the high-quality of learning opportunities. New equipment was added and facility renovation was completed to maximize student and community utilization.

Exciting changes occurred in the Simulation Learning Center over the fall semester. The critical care lab was renovated over the summer and divided into three private rooms, each with a separate control room. Two new high-fidelity male manikins were purchased for the two new rooms. (see simulation photo 1). This renovation allows three simulation scenarios with three separate student groups to operate simultaneously, thereby increasing the student engagement in simulation. For the first time we can now run three scenarios with three different student groups at the same time.

SLC Simulation Experience PhotoOur “Simulation Hospital” with six manikins is carried out mid semester for the Adult Health I and II courses. Student objectives are prioritization of two acute patients, treatments, medication administration and working as a team. Acuity levels differ according to the levels of the two courses. Second semester seniors in the Adult Health II course were able to experience a trauma simulation with the help of community paramedics. Students worked in teams caring for “patients” located in various labs and consisting of seven manikins and two standardized patients. Debriefing took place immediately after the simulation experience and involved feedback from patient actors and paramedics and video footage taken of the various patient scenarios.

Robin Cunningham PhotoSLC Coordinator Robin Cunningham has been selected to participate in the National League for Nursing Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators for 2017. In order to further enhance the state of the art simulation program at the SON, Cunningham will periodically attend various conferences, engage in webinars and projects while being able to network with simulation educators across the country.

Students with the ChancellorUNCW Chancellor Jose Sartarelli learned CPR technique from two Adult Health I students, Allison Lawson and Michaella Dillon, while clinical instructor Lolita Bryant and SLC Coordinator Robin Cunningham observed.