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Clinical Research News

Clinical Research faculty assist in the development of new medical device as well as travel the world and the U.S. to make presentations.

Jared Kerr and David Giordano photoAssistant Professor of Clinical Research Jared Kerr, Associate Professor of Clinical Research Susan Sinclair and Exercise Science student David Giordano are part of an interdisciplinary research team testing an exercise table for a NC company hoping that the investigational device may help patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) breathe a little easier. The device is the Easy Breather Exercise Table, which is capable of rocking back and forth with applied weight. It allows the user on the table to raise an attached bar and pull up, thereby rocking the table forward in the process. The table rocks backward as the person pushes away, and the motion created with these movements forces air out of the user’s lungs, thereby facilitating exhalation. Exhale Fully, the NC company for which the team is testing the device, hopes to develop several versions of the table and market the table as an exercise tool. According to Kerr, UNCW’s team is providing the academic rigor and accepted testing methods necessary to get a product to market. 

Susan Sinclair photoSusan Sinclair travelled to Vienna, Austria to make a presentation at the 19th Annual European Congress of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research (ISPOR) on the “Use of Complementary Therapy among Individuals with COPD.”  As noted above, Jared Kerr was also involved with this project as was Exercise Science student David Giordano.

Poster presentations were made in connection with the research of the exercise table. The citations are as follows:

  • Giordano, D.J., Knight, S.L., Boyce, R.W., Kerr, J.G., Reel, J.R., Sinclair, S.M. “Exploring Treatment Options for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”. State of NC Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium. Nov. 5, 2016.
  • Giordano, D.J. Knight, S.L., Boyce, R.W., Kerr, J.G, Reel, JR, Sinclair, S.M. “Exploring Treatment Options for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”.  2016 UNCW Fall Showcase of Student Research and Creativity. Nov. 21. 2016.
  • Jared Kerr, Justine Reel, David Giordano, Susan Sinclair, Robert Boyce, Harold Campbell. “Using an Inter-Professional Research Mentorship Model to Engage the Next Generation of Public Health”. NC Public Health 2016 Educational Conference, New Bern, NC, Sept. 15, 2016.

A slide presentation was made by Jared Kerr on “Career Development in Clinical Research” at the Student Association of Clinical Research General Meeting on Sept. 28, 2016. Kerr is pictured in the photo with officers of the association. 

Barb Pennington made a presentation on “Advancing Your Clinical Research Career through Higher Education” as part of the Charlotte Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) continuing education meeting at UNC Charlotte. 

Avery Dominquez photoClinical Research student Avery Dominguez received the Health Care Heroes scholarship from Laurie and Dean Hardy. See photo on left with SON Director Laurie Badzek, Dominguez and CHHS Dean Charles Harty.

Susan Sinclair presented a webinar on “Navigating Multi-Sponsor Registries: The Journey to Success” in which she discussed considerations for multi-sponsor registries from a variety of perspectives:  manufacturers/sponsors, CRO, and patients/healthcare providers. The link to the webinar is