Sociology and Criminology MA Program




We have many Graduate Program alumni, who have received their Master of Arts in Sociology and Criminology and then gone on to serve in a variety of capacities in both post-secondary settings and careers.

UNCW Department of Sociology and Criminology enjoys great success in post-graduate placement of alumni in both academic and non-academic careers and appointments. Browse through our table below to view some of the superb positions that our graduate alumni have been able to attain after completing their MA in Sociology and Criminology here at UNCW.


Graduation Year


Thesis/Internship Title



Raven Bruno

Farm to School: An Exploration of Purchasing Local Foods for School Cafeterias in Southeastern North Carolina

Instructor, Sociology, Cape Fear Community College & UNCW


Michelle Deming

Exploring the Social Context of Rape and Sexual Assault Among College Women

Ph.D. Candidate, University of South Carolina


Abigail Reiter

Getting What they Expect: Teacher Expectations and Inequality in the Classroom

Instructor, Sociology, Wake Technical Community College


Miranda Reiter

Self-Perceived Sex Role Identity and Development of Eating Disorders in Women

Ph.D. Candidate, Utah State University (2013)


Katie Gay

Democracy in America: A Case Study of

Instructor, Sociology, Greenfield Community College


Amanda Long

Family dependency treatment courts: case studies from Mecklenburg County's families in recovery Staying Together (First) Program

Customer Solutions Associate, Fiserv


Samantha (McNeill) Williams

North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Compliance Checks: Do Characteristics of the Seller Predict Alcohol Sales to Minors?

NCDMW License & Theft Bureau


Tina Swanno

Socialization Variables Related to Non-Usage of Seat Belts by 16-24 Year Olds: What Prior Research Had Failed to Highlight

Instructor, Criminal Justice, Cape Fear Community College


Emily Brown

The Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Educational Expectations in Middle and High School Youth

Research assistant/project coordinator, 3-C Institute, Cary, NC


Nicholas Chagnon

News Coverage and Crime: A Qualitative Study of Agents Involved in News Production

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Hawaii at Manoa


Alicia Larkins

The impact of stress-related and culturally-specific factors on college alcohol consumption

Crime analyst, Prince William County Police Department


Jessica MacDonald

Learning to read at Hillcrest: direct instruction, applied sociology and policy

Instructor, Sociology, Wake Tech Community College


Lindsey (Martin) Silverberg

Perpetrating Sexual Assault: Assessing Prevalence, Attitudes, And Behaviors Among Male Military Personnel

Case Manager, Network for Victim Recovery of DC


Laura Tassinari

An Examination of Attitudes towards Homosexuality in the United States: An Analysis of Trends and Predictors

Instructor, Sociology, Coastal Carolina Community College & Miller-Motte College


Katie Cooper

Stop Titan Action Network (STAN): A Case Study of Grassroots Repertoires of Strategic Tactics

Ph.D. Candidate, University of South Florida (2016)


Desmond Goss

Race, Religion and Homonegativity

Ph.D. Candidate Georgia State University (2015)


Adam Hall

The Effects of Relational Health on Alcohol Consumption and Negative Drinking Consequences of Greek College Students

Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator, CARE, UNCW


Lindsey Jeralds

Bullying victimization, target suitability, and guardianship: a routine activities approach

Consultant, SWA Consulting


Kimberly Lancaster

Building Community University Partnerships: A Case Study of the WHA-UNCW Community Campus

Instructor, Sociology, Coastal Carolina Community College


Elizabeth Lavin

El Puente: Health Care Access Program for Latinos and Hispanics in Southeastern North Carolina

Career and Alumni Coordinator, Training Futures, Northern VA Family Services


Joshua Tuttle

Observing the Effects of Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status on Roman Catholic Religiosity

Ph.D. Candidate, George Mason (2015)


Emily Wetzel

"Professor Mom?": Determinants of Male Faculty Members "Utilization of the Family Leave Act"

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Cincinnati (2016)


Kayla (Picotte) Sauls

Personal information in public domain [electronic resource] : perceptions of risk among college students on Facebook and the outside world

Research Associate, Office of Indigent Defense Services, NC


Melissa Rogan


All kids should be college-ready : examining the predictive value of high school core coursework on remedial enrollment at community college

Project Evaluator | Evaluation of Cardiac Care Systems (LUCAS)
The University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health


Adam Sauls

A longitudinal study of American economic elites

Independent Review Board, RTP, NC


Amy Mills

Social Isolation and Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Southeastern North Carolina

Administrative Assistant, Weyerhaeuser


Samuel Haycraft

Choosing Identity Theft: Impulsivity or Rational Choice?"

J.D. Candidate, Campbell University School of Law


Robert Hicks

The Performance of Policing: Police Experience with Crime and Conceptions of Police Role

Social Research Assistant, Applied Learning, UNCW


Collin McColskey-Leary

Disproportionate minority contact (dmc) in North Carolina: do racial threat and other county-level variables predict rates of justice decisions and suspensions for white, black and minority juveniles

Research, Evaluation, and Innovation Specialist at Communities in Schools of North Carolina


Thomas Speicher

Involvement and Sustainability Within the Americanized Italian Mafia: Towards An Associative Theory of Organized Crime Construction Renovations & ARA with UNCW


Josh Welker

Employer Sanctions: an ineffective method for stemming illegal immigration

Statistical Analyst, Arizona Supreme Court


Hillary Geen

Monumental Myth-Making Research Coordinator, Credo


Keely Geyer

A Case Study in the Port City: Using Crime Mapping Data to Explore Defensible Space in and around Former Public Housing

Instructor, Sociology, UNCW


Lacey Hancock

Veteran Differential Interviewing by Gender in Southeastern North Carolina


Laura Harrison

Human Rights in Burma: A Policy Analysis of UN Resolutions from 1991-2012


Chardon Murray

Radical Choices: Toward a Typology of Homegrown Islamist Terrorism

Instructor, Sociology, Cape Fear Community College, Social and Behavioral Sciences Department


Amanda Smith

Local Food Systems, Fair Trade and Small Farmer Livelihood

Instructor, Sociology, UNCW

Jan Brewington Parental Involvement in Public Schools

Coordinator, Parents as Teachers, Smart Start of NH County


LeAnna Attias

Maritime piracy: a criminological examination Personnel Security Specialist, Department of Defense
Regina Cline Watchful Eyes: Frontline Environmental Regulators' Accounts of Potential Forced Labor and/or Labor Trafficking Situations Probation/Parole Officer, New Hanover County Wilmington, NC
Kristen Sumpter The American Farm: The Shift from Small Family Farms to Agribusinesses in the United States UGA Family and Consumer Science
Travis Michael Kadylak Sociology of Screens: An Analysis of Internet Access, Autonomy and
Online Activities Among Adults 65 & Older
Attending Michigan State University, Fall 2015,
Ph.D. in Sociology
LaQuana Nicole Askew "Sex Offender Treatment Effectiveness: A Formative Evaluation of SOAR" FSS Coordinator, Wilmington Housing Authority


Casey Errant

Newspaper portrayals of race in Wilmington, North Carolina: A Content Analysis Using The Public Arenas Model Instructor, Sociology, Cape Fear Community College
Kristin Godwin Gender Equality and the Success of Female Athletes at the Olympic Games: A Statistical Examination of the Environmental, Societal and Political Practices that Impact Success Instructor, UNCW
Brian Pitman American Indian Homicide in North Carolina: An Examination of the Impact of Structural and Economic Factors Attending Old Dominion University, Fall 2015, Ph.D in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Jamie Slominski Reality-Based Television Programs: an analysis of women in law enforcement Area Director for the Boys and Girls club of Onslow County
Sarah Williamson The Fall of the Iron Curtain and the Rise of Trafficking Women from the Former U.S.S.R.: A Criminological Analysis of Five Countries North Carolina State University, Fall 2015 Ph.D. in Sociology
Blair Yates Traditional Gender Role Beliefs, Rape Myth Acceptance, and Victim-Blaming Attitudes: Examining Fraternities as a "Rape Culture" Instructor, Sociology of Violence and Social Problems: Kennesaw State, future plans-apply to PhD program