Sociology and Criminology MA Program

Dr. Cook with student


Our program provides a number of ways that can help students to fund their graduate school experience, including funding from the department, UNCW, and general sources.


The Sociology and Criminology Department awards the following on a competitive basis to applicants to our graduate program. Individual applicants may apply for the funding themselves by checking the appropriate box on their graduate school application. To receive full consideration a completed application must be received by the February 15th deadline.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

  • Stipend: $13,000 for the academic year 20 hours/week
  • An assistantship requires that a student work 20 hours a week for one or more departmental faculty and is generally renewable for a second year, depending on academic performance and satisfactory performance of assistantship duties.

Graduate Out-of-state Tuition Remission

These awards provide partial or full reimbursement of the out-of-state portion of the tuition for students who do not qualify for in-state tuition. These are generally available only for a student’s first year in the program.

Graduate Tuition Scholarships

These awards are applied to the student account and can be used to offset tuition and fees.

New Scholar Award

A scholarship of $500 or $1,000 awarded to outstanding applicants. These are only available to students in their first year.

Travel Awards

Students admitted to the program are eligible for travel awards to offset the cost of attending professional conferences. Students are eligible for these awards throughout their time in the program


UNCW provides a number of ways for students to fund their graduate experience that are not specific to our department.


Because scholarships and awards are competitive, students are also encouraged to seek out alternative sources of funding from outside the department and UNCW. These sources vary widely and the following is not a comprehensive list:

  • Federal Student Loan Info (official site)
  • UNCW Financial Aid
  • Note that many professional academic societies, like the American Sociological Association and the American Society of Criminology, have scholarships and awards that can be applied to graduate school
  • For those who intend to stay employed while completing their degree, note that current Federal tax code allows employers to spend as much as $5250 a year in tuition towards improving the education of their employees. Ask your employer is this is a possibility at your workplace.