Sociology and Criminology MA Program


UNCW’s Master’s Program in Sociology and Criminology takes great pride in the success of our alumni. Read what our alumni have to say about their experience in our program.

Travis KadylakThe time I spent in the Sociology and Criminology MA program at UNCW was an immensely formative experience! The design of the program is highly inclusive. I found the faculty to be accessible and eager to mentor. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a rewarding interdisciplinary learning environment! Not to mention, Wilmington, N.C. is one of the most aesthetically beautiful places in the U.S. -Travis Kadylak MA Sociology 2014  

Brian Pitman

My experience working with the Sociology and Criminology department at UNCW was very rewarding and their support was above and beyond what I would have expected. The faculty and staff have a sincere desire to see people succeed in their program. They are accessible, friendly, and they will encourage you throughout your degree-seeking process. The classes are small and discussion-based, allowing for you to get the most possible out of each class. Not only has the program provided me with the knowledge and skills to pursue my PhD, but it provided me with life-long mentorship and friends. I am so appreciative and thankful for my wonderful experience at UNCW.
-Brian Pittman MA Criminology 2015

nick chagnon Attending UNCW's MA Criminology and Public Sociology program was truly a turning point in my life. I was at first ambivalent about going to graduate school, but soon after beginning the program I was infinitely thankful that I chose UNCW. CAPS faculty members were incredibly welcoming and supportive, and the other members of my cohort quickly became some of my best friends. Learning at UNCW expanded my intellect in ways I never could have imagined, and eventually inspired me to continue in graduate school by pursuing my PhD. I can definitely testify that my experiences at UNCW put me in a great position to thrive in my current program. Since joining the UH Sociology Department, I have won awards for research and service, have published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, and have been teaching college courses independently for five years. Currently in my sixth year at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I am now in the final phases of my PhD program, working on my dissertation about violence against women in the news, and searching for a tenure-track appointment at a university.
-Nick Chagnon MA Criminology 2010

kristen godwin

Throughout my experience in UNCW's Sociology and Criminology Master's Program, I was met with an incredibly supportive environment. The collaborative relationships I developed with numerous professors in the department fostered both my education and research opportunities during my attendance and assisted my employment prospects upon graduation. In addition, the skills of the faculty provide great insight into and assistance with the sociological research process. Their professionalism, cooperation, and practices ensure for a positive experience. The courses provided offer a variety of subjects to prove both intriguing and valuable, while the opportunity to engage in a teaching and/or research assistantship provides the opportunity to explore the world of academia as a career. In addition, my fellow graduate students were consistently encouraging and inspirational, providing emotional support throughout my academic involvement in the program. I truly consider UNCW to be a wonderful environment to pursue and cultivate a passion for sociological and criminological study, as it has provided me with an ideal foundation for my career.
-Kristin Godwin MA in Sociology, 2015

sarah hupp

My decision to attend the UNC-Wilmington Sociology and Criminology MA program was an easy one, as I had received my bachelor’s from the same program. Yet my experience within the MA program was more than I could have asked for, exceeding my expectations in every way. The faculty are immensely knowledgeable and welcoming; they are willing to work with you on developing your own research as well as bringing you onto research projects of their own. The class sizes are small, allowing for in-depth discussions and the development of relationships that last beyond graduate school. Further, the opportunity to receive funding for traveling and presenting at conferences proved to be an invaluable opportunity to develop my skills as I prepared to apply for PhD programs. Whether you decide to enter the job market or continue on to a PhD institution, the program prepares you and makes sure you have the skills and support necessary to be successful. While I am now in the PhD program at North Carolina State University, I will always remember the valuable experiences I had at UNC-Wilmington, both inside and outside the classroom.

-Sarah Hupp Williamson MA in Criminology, 2015


Katie Burnham   My time in the Sociology and Criminology Department is invaluable and has provided me with a solid foundation to move forward to a PhD program. The faculty and staff are available, helpful, supportive, and have a commitment to this department and their students. The faculty demonstrate a love for and willingness to teach and a passion for their respective research, which in turn inspired me to continue in academia. The small cohort size and welcoming environment are two of this programs most positive attributes. Members of my cohort are now some of my best friends. In addition, I am leaving this program with useable and marketable skills, mentors, and a network of professionals who are more than willing to help me succeed. I've had nothing but a positive and rewarding experience in this program. - Kathryn Lorraine Burnham MA in Criminology, 2016