Simulation Learning Center

Faculty and Staff

Robin Cunningham, MS, RN, LNCC,
Simulation Learning Coordinator

The Simulation Learning Coordinator is responsible for the leadership and management of Simulation Learning and maintains primary responsibility for the overall operation of the Simulation Center and collaborates with faculty in all programs to support competency based simulation across the curricula.

Contact Information:
Office: McNeill 2029
Phone: 910.962.3201

Barbara Snyder

Barbara Snyder, Simulation Lab Consultant

The Simulation Lab Consultant manages computer hardware, software, peripherals and handheld devices used within the Simulation Learning Center and provides direct support to student and faculty utilizing technology during instruction with distance education, teaching and assessment activities and simulated learning.

Contact Information:
Office: McNeill 2006
Phone: 910.962.2924

Jeff Stanfield

Jeff Stanfield, Instructional Technology Specialist

The Instructional Technology Specialist provides leadership in the deployment and support of academic focused technologies. Through collaboration with faculty, students and UNCW constituents, this position will aggressively conduct outreach initiatives to seamlessly integrate information technology for a powerful learning environment in the School of Nursing. In addition, the role of the ITS is to offer support and training for online courses, professional development programs for faculty and staff, and to assess programs that are practical and responsive to the needs of faculty and students.

Contact Information:
Office: McNeill 2025
Phone: 910.962.7282