Simulation Learning Center

The Critical Care Laboratory (2010)

The Critical Care Laboratory supports student learning of complex and critical patient care skills and the implementation of high fidelity simulations. The Critical Care Lab features 2 critical care patient units with 2 full length power columns and a flat screen. One Sim ManĀ® 3G, one Sim ManĀ®, a ventilator, an EKG machine, two AED's, a code/medication cart, and triple channel IV pumps create an authentic simulated critical care environment.

Pan-tilt cameras and microphones located above each bed allow AV capture and recording from both the observation room and the remote control room.

Critical Care Observation Room (2011A) has 2 operator chairs, mounted desk counter for simulator control equipment, talkback microphone and monitor loudspeaker to Critical Care Lab and flat panel display.

lab Critical Care Lab SimMan3G
Critical Care Lab SimMan Critical Care Lab Equipment
Critical Care Lab Simulated AED Critical Care Lab Observation Room

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