Simulation Learning Center

Acute Care Laboratory (2007)

The Acute Care Laboratory facilitates student learning of basic to advanced patient care skills. The Acute Care Lab contains a nurses station and 9 patient care units including hospital bed, bedside cabinet, overbed table and are separated by privacy curtains.

Hospital style headwall units with medical gas outlets allow for simulated bedside oxygen, air and suction. Two ceiling mounted remote controlled patient lift systems are also present in this lab.

The Acute Care lab also houses three Vital Sim™ Nursing Kelleys, three Vital Sim™ Nursing Annes and a Virtual IV® simulator. A fully stocked medication cart, an isolation cart, IV pumps, enteral feeding pumps and task trainers for wound care, injections, urinary catheterization and central line care enhance student learning. Pan-tilt cameras and microphones located above each patient area allow AV capture and recording from the remote control room.

Acute Care Lab Vital Sim Patient Lift System
Acute Care Lab Medication Cart Acute Care Lab Nurses Station
Acute Care Lab Patient Beds Acute Care Lab Nurses Station

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