Science, Humanities, and Society Minor

Why Declare a Minor in SHS?

  • For science majors, it demonstrates lateral thinking skills to potential employers.
  • For humanities majors, the minor demonstrates a familiarity with scientific reasoning processes and technological issues.
  • Sensitivity to ethical issues.
  • Ability to synthesize multi-disciplinary information.
  • Greater insight into contemporary issues.
  • Analytical thinking from many different perspectives.
  • Respect for the ways in which different disciplines construct knowledge.
  • Sensitivity to bias.

Most corporations employ team-based approaches to problem solving. The teams of people are diverse with many different perspectives from different disciplines. However, most university courses are focused on a single discipline. Therefore, a minor in Science, Humanities, and Society demonstrates an ability, to potential employers, to associate knowledge across traditional discipline boundaries.

Communication is a key component to career advancement. For example, a brilliant worker who cannot communicate his or her brilliance is likely to go unnoticed at promotion time. The more articulate person, however, is much more likely to advance. The SHS minor is designed to advance critical thinking skills and help build the skills for articulate communication.

Declaring the Minor in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Go to the registrar's office and ask for a change of major form that has a box to add a minor.
  2. Fill out the form, selecting the Science, Humanities and Science (SHS) minor.
  3. Turn in the form and notify your major advisor, and enjoy your courses in SHS!

For more information, please contact Dr. William McCarthy, UNCW History Department, 962-3313, or via e-mail at