Science, Humanities, and Society Minor

Science, Humanities, Society Minor

In the Science, Humanities and Society minor, we look at the ways in which the sciences form a crucial part of the rest of our lives and work.

  • How does air and water pollution affect our day-to-day life?
  • What is the status of criminology in our society, and does it work?
  • What is the actual relationship between television violence and violence on our streets?

Questions like these are vital to an understanding of the modern condition. Looking at them from only one of the relevant disciplines - as a chemist, or a sociologist - does not give us a full understanding of the topic. Drawing from the methodologies of several disciplines helps us to understand them more fully. This is especially true when the topics broach both the sciences and the humanities, whose approaches to investigation and learning can be radically different.

Interdisciplinary studies allow us to ask essential questions with every expertise at our disposal.