Sherman Emerging Scholar Lecture Series

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Sherman-Lecture-poster-image.jpg2021 The Afterlife of Secrets: A Slave Conspiracy in Antebellum Charleston

Dr. Anne Kerth

Assistant Professor in the W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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2021_Sherman_Lecture_E-Flyer.jpg2020 From Raised Fists to Bended Knees: Sports, Protest and Global Politics

Dr. Amira Rose Davis

Assistant Professor of History and African American Studies
Penn State University

Video of Dr. Amira Rose Davis' Sherman Lecture

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2019 The Intimate Enemy: Conservatives and Social War in Modern Brazil  

 Dr. José Juan Pérez Meléndez

 Assistant Professor of History
 University of California, Davis

Video of Dr. Pérez Meléndez's Sherman Lecture

Video of Dr. Pérez Meléndez's Sherman Lecture Interview


2018 Monuments and Memory: How The Law Writes History  

 Dr. Farah Peterson

 Associate Professor of Law
 University of Virginia School of Law 

 Video of Dr. Peterson's Sherman Lecture

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Noah Strote2017 Uprooting Fascism: Germany and Western Democracy Since Hitler  

 Dr. Noah Strote

 Associate Professor of History
 North Carolina State University

 Video of Dr. Strote's Sherman Lecture

js 2016 Dying for God? Martyrdom  Across the Ages

 Dr. John Soboslai

 Assistant Professor of Religion
 Montclair State University

 Video of Dr. Soboslai's Sherman Lecture

Dietrich 2015

2015 Energy Crisis: Oil and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century

Dr. Christopher Dietrich

Assistant Professor of History
Fordham University

Video of Dr. Dietrich's Sherman Lecture


2014 Race and The Making of Family in The Atlantic World

Dr. Daniel Livesay

Assistant Professor of History
Drury University

gillett2013 Atrocity & Accountability: International Criminal Tribunals and Peacemaking

Matthew Gillett

Legal Officer for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former
Yugoslavia, The Hague

Smolkin-Rothrock2012 A Sacred Space: The Spiritual Life of Soviet Atheism

Dr. Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock

Assistant Professor of History
Wesleyan University

"Belief and Unbelief in Russia" on BBC Radio, with Ernie Rea and Victoria Smolkin 

Sherman Lecture poster 20112011: Sunnis and Shiites: A Rivalry that Transformed the Middle East"

Dr.Ibrahim Kaya Sahin

Assistant Professor of Ottoman history
Tulane University

Sherman Lecture poster 2010 2010: Contagion & Conquest: The United States and the Fight against Disease in the Caribbean

Mariola Espinosa (Iinterview)

Dr. Espinosa

Assistant professor
Yale University.

2009 Sherman Lecture poster 2009: Green Revolutions: Agricultural Expansion and the Global Environment in Three Countries

Edward D. Melillo
Assistant Professor Of History and Environmental Studies
Amherst College.

Sherman Lecture poster 20082008: Africa Between the Old and the New: The Strange Persistence of the Postcolonial State

Ebenezer Obadare
Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Kansas

Sherman Lecture poster 20072007: Venezuela and Hugo Chavez: Reform or Revolution?

Jonathan Eastwood
Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Washington & Lee University

His recent book is The Rise of Nationalism in Venezuela (Florida).

Sherman Lecture poster 20062006: China from Mao to the WTO: Experiments in the Laws of History

Alexander Cook
Columbia and Brown Universities

Dr. Cook is an assistant professor of history at Berkeley. His article, Third World Maoism is forthcoming in Timothy Cheeks volume of essays, a Critical Introduction to Mao. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.

Sherman Lecture poster 20052005: What Europe's Emerging Democracies Can Teach Us: Lessons in Historical Division and Integration

Zsuzsa Csergo
George Washington University

Dr. Csergo is currently in the Department of Political Studies, Queens University. Her recent book is: Talk of the Nation: Language and Conflict in Romania and Slovakia (Cornell).

Sherman Lecture ad 20042004: Terrorism: Past, Present and Future Trends

R. Kim Cragin, Rand Corporation

Kim Cragin and Andrew Curiel published "Prime Numbers 9/11 + 5" in the Sept. 11, 2006 edition of Foreign Policy.

Sherman Lecture ad 20032003: Imagining an International Community Based on Development and Peace

Amy L. Sayward, Middle Tennessee State University

Dr. Sayward is the Chair of the History Department and author of The Birth of Development (Kent State).

Sherman Lecture ad 20022002: The United States, the Arab World and the Question of Palestine

Michael S. Doran
Visiting Faculty at NYU Wagner

Dr. Doran is now teaching at NYU after serving on the National Security Council, and is the author of Pan-Arabism Before Nasser (Oxford).