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Coastal Engineering

Sea SPAM: Sensational Sediment

September 30 Rock and roll into the fall with MarineQuest as we explore the sensational sediment found all around us. Discover there is more to the ground than meets the eye. Explore the Mohs Hardness scale, uncover the beauty of the sands of the world, and take home your own sand-inspired masterpiece.

Dolphins swimming through the water

Sea SPAM: Spooky & Slimy Sea Creatures

October 28 It’s spooky season! Join MarineQuest as we investigate some of the slimiest and strangest sea creatures from hagfish to blobfish. Discover why GloFish glow, test your knowledge about what’s real and fake in the ocean.

Sunrise at Kure Beach with stars in the sky

Sea SPAM: Turkeyfish

November 18 It's turkey time! This month at Sea SPAM, discover the wonders and woes of the Turkeyfish-better known as lionfish. Explore the conundrums this beautiful creature has created in the Atlantic Ocean and how you can help.

Student holds a miniature windmill off the side of boat

Sea SPAM: Birds of the Sea

December 9 Soar into December with Sea SPAM as we investigate incredible sea birds. From ospreys to albatrosses, discover how these creatures remain light enough to reach incredible heights while remaining strong enough to be fearsome predators.

MarineQuest group looking at water sample

Dynamic Ferry Channels



Powering a Remote Research Station



Managing Sound in the Sea


Dredge in the ocean

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