Student Researchers

We are a community of learners, embracing scholarship and the necessary interplay between teaching and research. Students are afforded opportunities to learn through collaborative scholarship activity with a world-class faculty.

Student Research & Scholarship

"UNC Wilmington strives to create a powerful learning experience for our students and nowhere else is ths effort more more evident than through the research, scholarship and artistic achievment of our students. From marine biology to spanish linguistics. our students push the boundaries of discovery." Paul Hosier, Phd, Provost & Vice Chancelor, Ac. Affairs

2012: Matthew McCarthy

Geography and Geology's Matthew McCarthy has won a Walter B. Jones award for coastal and ocean management excellence. "McCarthy's research project investigates the use of new satellite imagery products in mapping coastal habitats in the North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve. This research aims to identify which types of imagery and which techniques can provide the highest level of mapping accuracy. Once the final maps are completed, an analysis will be conducted to identify how habitats have changed through time."

2011: Olga Pylaeva

Biology and marine biology student Olga Pylaeva, now graduated, researched sodium and potassium exchange in the vestibular apparatus, the structures in the inner ear responsible for balance, control of the orientation of the head and stabilization of visual fields. She now attends medical school at the Brody School of Medicine at Eastern Carolina University and credits her time spent at UNCW for helping her attain that goal.

2010: John Cameron Williams

While working for clinical research organization Inclinix as a graduate student, John Cameron Williams '10 developed a finance model that allows the company's project managers to compare projects side by side.

2009: Sara McClelland

UNCW graduate student Sara McClelland's presentation on the vascular systems of whales and dolphins won her "best oral presentation by a non-doctoral student" at the 18th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals held in Quebec City on Oct. 16, 2009.

2009: Josh Nielsen

For Josh Nielsen, researching and writing about historical issues is important, but how historians publicly present information is of equal, if not greater, value. In the summer of 2008, Nielsen traveled to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii to further his research on the preservation of public history.

2008: Matt Hirsch

Marine science graduate student Matt Hirsch (pictured above) was recently named this year's Ahuja Water Quality Fellow, an award created by Dr. Sut Ahuja two years ago to fund a UNCW student working on some aspect of water quality research.

2008: Christy Visaggi

Marine Biology doctoral student Christy Visaggi was published in the July 4, 2008 issue of Science Magazine, as co-author of "Phanerozoic Trends in the Global Diversity of Marine Invertebrates." Visaggi worked with 34 other paleobiologists across the country on the article, which concludes that the diversity of marine invertebrates has increased over time, but not as much as some early scientists believed.