Research & Innovation Council


The purpose of the UNCW Research & Innovation Council (RIC) is to identify, consider, and address opportunities to nurture and grow research & innovation at UNCW. It helps communicate and coordinate the different research and innovation efforts and activities across campus, and is advisory to the Associate Provost for Research and Innovation. The council typically meets monthly.


RIC membership is comprised primarily of campus administrators responsible for leading and supporting research and innovation activities at UNCW. For fiscal year 2023, the following roles and individuals are appointed to the RIC:

  • CAS Associate Dean, David Webster
  • CHHS Leadership Fellow for Research and Scholarship and Associate Director for Administration in the SON, Stephanie Turrise
  • WCE ITFSE Department Chair, Candace Thompson
  • CSB Representative, Don Barnes
  • CMS Executive Director, Ken Halanych
  • Faculty Senate President, TBA
  • Faculty Senate Research Committee Chair, Jeanne Persuit
  • Scholarly Research Services at Randall Library, Stephanie Crowe
  • Honors College Director and Associate Dean, Shawn Bingham
  • High Impact Pathways Director, James DeVita
  • SPARC Director, Kati Chipps
  • OIC Director, Justin Streuli
  • Research Development Specialist, Kirsten Wisneski
  • ITS Networking IT Operations and Research Director, Parker Moran