Research Collider Workshops

SPARC Resources: International Trade and Exchange

November 20, 2020 - A research collider workshop was held on November 19 focusing on UNCW's faculty-led research on International Trade and Exchange. The office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARC) has offered the following information and resources and information.

SPARC encourages faculty to utilize their funding opportunity database, SPIN - a web-based, intuitive search tool that can be easily customized to the needs of your project team. Customized searches can be set in the SPIN database.  Several keywords emerged during the RCITE ignite talks. These may allow faculty to further capitalize on searches in SPIN. Please reach out to SPARC if you have questions regarding further customize of your SPIN database search.


trade policy
business development
international trade
organizational structure
digital marketing
cultural dimensions
market structure
finance theory
economic policy
economic uncertainty
earnings management
cross-cultural relations
border enforcement
transnational trade
global flows
mobility turn
machine learning
digital projects
conference planning
contagious switching
business cycles
monetary policy
geography and recession
tourism and tourism management
trade products
travel research
trade-in service
global capacity

Following are a few potential funding sources that may be of interest to the group as well.

Please contact SPARC with questions or further information.

Research collider workshops are provided by the Office of Research and Innovation and Randall Library and the events are designed to provide a mechanism for UNCW faculty to connect, learn about each other’s research, teaching, scholarship, and creative work and develop new innovative ideas and potential collaboration.

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