Research Collider Workshops

International Trade and Exchange Research Collider Workshop Scheduled Nov 19


October 26, 2020 - The Office of Research and Innovation and Randall Library will co-host a virtual Faculty Research Collider workshop on Thursday, November 19 from 3:30-5 p.m. This event is designed to provide a mechanism for UNCW faculty to connect, RCITE Flyerlearn about each other’s research, teaching, scholarship, and creative work and develop new innovative ideas and potential collaboration. The November Workshop focuses on UNCW's faculty-led research on International Trade and Exchange.

Examples range from seventeenth century French travel and exchange of materials and ideas, spillover and switching effects of bull and bear cycles on international equity markets and more.

So far, confirmed presenters include:

  • Dr. Ethan Watson, Economics & Finance, CSB
    -Spillover effects of economic uncertainty
    -Cultural determinants of Earnings Management
    -Country-level political leanings and Firm Cash Holdings
    -Spillover and Switching Effects of Bull and Bear cycles on International Equity markets

  • Dr. Pascale Barthe, World Languages & Cultures, CAS
    -Early modern France and the Persianate world
    -Cross-cultural relations between Francis I's France and the Ottoman empire.
    -Seventeenth-century French travel narratives and the exchange of not only material objects and ideas between the French kingdom, Safavid Persia, and Mughal India.
  • Dr. Julia Morris, International Studies, CAS
    -Global  migration and mobility
  • Dr. Cetin Ciner, Economics & Finance, CSB
    -Oil Prices and Exchange Rates
    -Determinants of Clean Energy Stock Returns
    -Gold and Cryptocurrency Linkages
  • Dr. Christina Lord, World Languages & Cultures, CAS
    -Cross-cultural influences in science fiction and other speculative literatures between France, US, UK in 19th-21st centuries
    -International exchange of ideas about understanding and surviving the Anthropocene
    -Circulation of ideas among scientists and science fiction authors on both sides of the Atlantic
    -Contemporary Franco-American cultural relations

  • Dr. Daniel Soques, Economics & Finance, CSB
    -Effect of NAFTA on the Propagation of Business Cycles
    -Global Growth and Stock Market Returns After the 2016 Election
    -US Economic Spillovers on Major Trading Partners

  • Dr. Miran Hossain, Economics & Finance, CSB
    -Foreign corrupt practices and shareholder value: evidence on the effectiveness of bribery.
    -CEO foreign connections and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

  • Dr. Prosper Bangwayo-Skeete, Economics & Finance, CSB
    -Investigating tourists' patterns and behavior.
    -Modeling tourism resilience to major crises such as pandemics, global recessions and hurricanes.
    -Modeling the willingness of tourists to contribute towards preserving natural attraction.
    -Investigating firm performance in export markets.

  • Ms. Stephanie Crowe and Ms. Ophelia Chapman, Randall Library
    -Services and resources available related to international trade and exchange

The SPARC Office will be available for Q&A about funding opportunities and pre-award procedures.

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