Research Collider Workshops

Research Collider Workshop Scheduled Feb. 19

February 7, 2020 - The Office of Research and Innovation and Randall Imaging Research ColliderLibrary will co-host a Faculty Research Collider workshop on Wednesday, February 19 from 12:45-2:45 in the Azalea Coast Rooms A&B. This event will provide a mechanism for UNCW faculty to connect, learn about each other’s research, scholarship, and creative work, and develop new innovative ideas and potential collaboration. This event will be focused around the interdisciplinary theme of imaging.

Imaging – creating, analyzing, manipulating, and using images – is a common element in many domains of research, scholarship, and creative work.  Examples range from satellite or drone based remote sensing of the earth system, to the use of various types of microscopes in biology, chemistry, geology and physics, to developing computer algorithms for facial recognition and aging, to medical imaging equipment (e.g., CT, MRI, x-ray), to the curation and use of images in communications, and image construction in fine art.   Each scholarly domain brings unique perspectives to imaging, and there are common core elements as well.  This creates cross-fertilization opportunities and new projects to address common concerns. 

The first half of the event will consist of five-minute, 20-slide presentations (“Ignite” talks) by faculty on their research, scholarship, or creative work on the theme of imaging. During the second half, you will have a chance to participate in structured discussions with colleagues from around campus who are working on imaging in various capacities, focused on identifying potential research, scholarly, and creative collaborations. Presenters include:

  • Todd Peterson, Assistant Professor, PSY
  • Eman Ghoneim, Professor, EOS
  • Dr. Brian Arbogast, Professor, BMB
  • Dr. Alison Taylor, Professor, BMB
  • Courtney Johnson, Associate Professor, AAH
  • Sara Rivero-Calle, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CMS
  • Dr. Karl Ricanek, Professor, CIS