UNCW Research Policies & Procedures Inventory

Last updated January 2023

Multiple policies and procedures guide UNCW research, creative, and other sponsored programs activities.  To help researchers quickly access this information, this site presents an inventory of and links to this guidance from across campus.  We hope you find it useful.

A strong system of policies is essential to clarify university expectations and process for the research community, create operational transparency, consistency and efficiency, and comply with relevant governing policies and statutes.  The UNCW Embracing R2 initiative and an external professional review identified several additional policies that are needed to improve UNCW research operations.  These policies and information about their development are also identified in the tables.

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UNCW Research Policies and Procedures
Category Name Last Updated Number Notes
Conduct of Research    
Serving as a Principal Investigator on Sponsored Projects  Draft Administrative Review
Investigator Responsibilities Oct. 2011 09.007
Research Misconduct Dec. 2006 03.300
Authority to Sign a University Contract
Conflicts of Interest Policy or Commitment Aug. 2018 03.230
Visiting Scholars Policy proposed
Research Compliance    
Export Control Compliance Aug. 2017 03.370
Institutional Review Board Policy Jan. 2019 03.380
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Policy Nov. 2021 03.390
Sponsored Programs - Development and Submission of Proposals    
Submitting Applications for External Sponsored Programs Draft Administrative Review
Limited Submission Policy July 2006 03.310
Debarment and Suspension Policy  proposed
Program Income proposed
Sponsored Programs - Budgeting    
Allowable Costs June 2014 13.002
Facilities and Administration (F&A) Receipts, Allocation, and Expenditures Apr. 2018 05.136
Cost-share and Matching Policy May 2012 09.010
Institutional Base Salary Policy Drafting AARM Leading
Graduate Compensation Policy Drafting Graduate School Leading
Postdoctoral Compensation Policy Drafting Graduate School Leading
Supplemental Payments for UNCW Employees Aug. 2017 08.135
Capital Equipment Purchases on Contracts and Grants Policy Oct. 2011 09.002
Grant Buyout Policy for Externally Funded Research and Scholarly Activities Oct. 2013
Sponsored Programs - Award Administration    
Risk Fund Establishment Policy Oct. 2011 09.008
Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects Oct. 2011 09.009
Purchasing Card Transactions on Contracts and Grants Policy Oct. 2011 09.001
Sponsored Programs - Award Closeout    
Delinquent Reports and Deliverables Policy July 2014 13.003
Investigator Separation from the University Policy Oct. 2011 09.005
Flat Fee Residual Funds Policy Oct. 2011 09.004
Technology and Commercialization    
Intellectual Property Policy Aug. 2014 01.200
Copyright Use and Ownership Policy Aug. 2007 01.210
Other Commonly Used Policies    
Institutional Centers and Institutes Policy Aug. 2007 01.210


UNCW Research Policies and Procedures
Name Last Updated Number Notes
UNCW Research Policies and Procedures
IRB SOP 1.1 - 11.1 Jan. 2019
IACUC SOP 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 7.1, 7.2 Nov. 2021
Effort Certification Procedure Dec. 2020 08.001
F&A Recovery Distribution Process  May. 2019
Counting and Reporting Sponsored Projects  Oct. 2022


UNCW Research Policies and Procedures
Name Last Updated Number Notes
UNCW Research Policies and Procedures
COI Guidance - What to Disclose
Invention Disclosure Form
Sponsored Programs Workload and Compensation Guidelines Nov. 2018
Guidance for application of Facilities and Administration Rates Drafting
UNCW F&A Rate Agreement Table Aug. 2018
Guidance for Submitting, Routing and Certifying Proposals for Sponsored Programs Drafting
Sub-recipient Commitment Form Sept. 2022
Subcontractor Commitment Form Apr. 2017
Determine Sub-recipient or Contractor Involvement Dec. 2014
Sub-recipient or Contractor Decision Tree Jun. 2017
position classification decision tree Jan. 2021
Graduate Assistant and Tuition Rates
Student Employment Position Classifications (2017-2018)
On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Designation Nov. 2021
Data Management Plans
Letter of Inquiry Guidance
SPARC Toolbox Website (links to many items)
Definitions for Research Administration