2020 Research News

Two Proposals Selected for the AY 2020-2021
Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series

June 2, 2020 - The Office of the Associate Provost for Research and Innovation (APRI) announced two new Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series (IRSS) for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Congratulations to Kemille Moore, Ashley Knox, Jennifer Lozano and John Knox on their successful proposal titled “Digital Soundings: Expanding Digital Networks and Scholarship at UNCW” and congratulations to Jacquelyn Lee, Beverly McGuire, Julian Keith, Kristen DeVall, Anne Pemberton and Meen Lee on their successful proposal titled “Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series on Mindfulness.”

Digital Soundings: Expanding Digital Networks and Scholarship at UNCW
Kemille Moore (Art and Art History), Ashley Knox (Randall Library), Jennifer Lozano (English), and John Knox (Randall Library)

Digital Soundings will foster new and emerging interdisciplinary knowledge networks by providing UNCW faculty with opportunities to participate in collaborative, virtual hands-on Digital Humanitiesworkshops, working groups and lectures with leading practitioners in the field of digital humanities. Digital humanities (DH) is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses many kinds of digital scholarship, including research about digital and data literacy. DH unites digital technologies and computational methods with traditional approaches to humanistic inquiry with transformative results. This seminar series will grow research success in two important and active areas of digital scholarship at UNCW: text mining and data visualization.

Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series on Mindfulness
Jacquelyn Lee (School of Social Work), Beverly McGuire (Department of Philosophy and Religion), Julian Keith (Department of Psychology), Kristen DeVall (Department of Sociology and Criminology), Anne Pemberton (Randall Library), Meen Lee (School of Nursing)

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment with an attitude of Mindfulnesscuriosity, non-judgment, non-reactivity and compassion in service of making conscious, deliberate choices.

A substantial body of literature demonstrates the physical, cognitive, psychological and interpersonal benefits of mindfulness across educational, healthcare, behavioral health, occupational and social service contexts. The Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series on Mindfulness encourages mindful scholarship through a researcher-practitioner partnership approach, promoting research-informed practice and practice-informed research. The initiative aims to capitalize on current interest and campus resources to advance the science mindfulness and create an inclusive community of scholars and practitioners.

These two proposals were selected from eight submissions by faculty from across campus.  Thank you to all faculty who submitted interesting proposals.  

About the Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series

The IRSS program is designed to build interdisciplinary capacity in areas of growing research strength by (1) fostering communication and promoting collaborations among UNCW investigators and (2) connecting our local community with the national knowledge network and creating an intellectual community of peers. IRSS focuses on a theme, problem, or broad question where UNCW has existing research capacity and a clear opportunity to grow its research contributions and overall success.

For further information contact Stuart Borrett, Associate Provost for Research & Innovation.Register here including your preferred breakout session.