The Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series/IRSS program is designed to build interdisciplinary capacity in areas of growing research strength by (1) fostering communication and promoting collaborations among UNCW investigators and (2) connecting our local community with the national knowledge network and creating an intellectual community of peers. IRSS focuses on a theme, problem, or broad question where UNCW has existing research capacity and a clear opportunity to grow its research contributions and overall success. 



A Marine Biotechnology Seminar Series (continued from AY22)

Jacob Warner (Biology and Marine Biology), Wendy Strangman (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Thomas Williamson (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Jennifer McCall (School of Nursing), Nathan Crowe (History)

Marine Biotechnology is a burgeoning field of research that encompasses the study of marine organisms and the application of biological innovations to develop products that improve humankind and ocean ecosystems alike. UNCW has a strong presence in this highly cooperative arena, and “A Marine Biotechnology Seminar Series” aims to foster and accelerate its growth by bringing leaders of the Marine Biotechnology field to UNCW and spurring new collaborations and new lines of research. Five seminars planned for Spring 2022 will address the following themes: History of Biotechnology, Business of Biotechnology, Health Applications of Marine Biotechnology, Drug Discovery in Marine Biotechnology, and Translational Aquaculture.

Additional seminar dates to be scheduled in Fall 2022! View past session details here.

Food for Thought: Technology, Community, Health, Access, and Justice

Julia Waity (Sociology and Criminology), Ana Barrios Sosa (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Carol Plautz (Biology and Marine Biology), Ellie Ebrahimi (Computer Science), Huili Hao (Environmental Sciences), Avinash Geda (Congdon School), Manoj Vanajakumari (Congdon School), Amelia Huelskamp (Health and Applied Human Sciences), Alexia Franzidis (Health and Applied Human Sciences), Ann Rotchford (Sociology and Criminology), Leah Mayo (Center for Healthy Communities)

The goal of "Food for Thought" is to bring attention to issues around food and health at UNCW and in the broader community and to create a community of scholars who can collaborate on future food related research, including seeking external funding. Events focus on food, medicine, and GMOs, food supply chain, food justice, and food insecurity and food access as well as lightning talks about food research. This IRSS will not only highlight the great work that is currently being done at UNCW but provide opportunities to share resources and build networks for future collaborations.

Upcoming Events: TBA

View past session details here.



The Material Culture of Racial Justice and Healthcare Equity

Jennifer Le Zotte (History), Jamie Brummit (Philosophy and Religion), Nathan Crowe (History), Stephanie Crowe (Randall Library), Michaela Howells (Anthropology), Angie Sardina (Recreation Therapy), Meghan Sweeney (English)



Mindfulness: Promoting Research-informed Practice and Practice-informed Research

Jacquelyn Lee (Social Work), Beverly Foulks McGuire (Philosophy and Religion), Julian Keith (Psychology), Kristen DeVall (Sociology and Criminology), Anne Pemberton (Randall Library), Meen Lee (Nursing)

Digital Soundings

Kemille Moore (Art and Art History), Ashley Knox (Randall Library), Jennifer Lozano (English), John Knox (Randall Library)



Coastal Resiliency Seminar Series

Zac Long (Biology), Dylan McNamara (Physics), David Gessner (Creative Writing), Chris Finelli (Biology and Marine Biology)

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Health Series

Justine Reel (Health and Human Services), Karl Ricanek (Computer Science)