The organizing committee consists of faculty from across the University of North Carolina Wilmington, including:

  • Dr. Julian Keith, Psychology
  • Dr. Ray Pastore, Education
  • Dr. Jess Boersma, E-Teal, Institute for Interdisciplinary Identity Sciences (I3S), CAS
  • Dr. Crystal (Chrissy) Dodson, School of Nursing, CHHS
  • Dr. Elham (Ellie) Ebrahimi, Computer Science, CAS
  • Dr. Kris Hohn, School of Social Work, CHHS
  • Ms. Amy Ostrom, Office of e-Learning
  • Dr. Toni Pence, Computer Science, CAS
  • Dr. Eric Richardson, School of Health and Applied Human Sciences (Healthcare Administration), CHHS
  • Ms. Althea Lewis, CHHS
  • Dr. Ashley Wells, assistant dean of community engagement
  • Mr. Steve Fontana, CIE
  • Ms. Leslie Owens, CHHS

Mary Beth Bobek from New Hanover Regional Medical Center, as well as Randall Johnson from NC Biotech’s Southeastern Office, will be collaborators in the program.