Provost Search

Committee Members



Dr. Antje Almeida

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, CAS

Dr. Diana Ashe

Director, CTEFL, CAS

Dr. Rob Burrus

Dean, Cameron School of Business, CAB

Dr. Steve Elliott

Director/Associate Professor, CHHS

Dr. Nathan Grove

Co-Chair, Professor of Chemistry and President of Faculty Senate

Dr. Glen Harris

Associate Professor, History, CAS

Dr. Julian Keith

Department Chair, Psychology, CAS

Dr. Dennis Kubasko

Associate Professor, Watson College of Education, EDU

Mr. Miles Lackey

Co-Chair, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Ms. Patricia Leonard

Co-Chair, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Ms. Christina Logan

Director of Transition Programs, Student Affairs, STAFF

Mr. Marcio Moreno

Director, Admissions & Enrollment Mgmt., Academic Affairs, STAFF

Dr. Ann Pabst

Professor, Dept. of Biology and Marine Biology, CAS

Dr. Justine Reel

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, CHHS

Dr. Nivine Richie

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, CAB

Dr. Susan Sinclair

Professor, School of Nursing, CHHS

Dr. Bill Sterrett

Associate Dean for Teacher Education & Outreach, Watson College of Education, EDU

Mr. Aaron Wilcox

Department Chair, Art and Art History, CAS