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Text: Provost's Perspectives, An Update from Provost Sheerer

September 7, 2017                                 NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to a new, exciting semester at UNCW. Our new faculty and students are now with us, and everyone seems ready to fully engage! Thanks to all of you who helped with the many different orientation activities including the small faculty discussion groups that preceded Convocation. We definitely know how to create community at our institution

Everything is Moving Up!

As noted on the side panel, total enrollment numbers are up. The census day count was submitted as 16,487. In addition, graduate school enrollment is up 9%; grant awards received are up 21%; fundraising for the past year has increased; the retention rate of freshman to sophomore status has gone up to 87%; and OLLI is showing an uptick in membership of 9%.

The count on Census Day is what drives our enrollment increase resources. As soon as GA verifies the data, we should receive our growth money and begin pushing it out to the various colleges and units.

It has taken a total team effort to push everything forward. Thanks to the enrollment planning team, the Student Success group, deans and their chairs, and all of the staff who work hard behind the scenes. The success belongs to all of us!

Fall Faculty Meeting

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, we held our Fall Faculty meeting. In case you were unable to attend, please see the list below of our award winners.

Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award
presented by Faculty Senate President Steve Meinhold
Dr. Ralph Mead, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Mahnaz Moallem, Technology, Foundations & Secondary Education

The following awards were previously announced, but worth noting again.

Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award 2016-17 
College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Eman M. Ghoneim, Earth & Ocean Sciences
Dr. Nicholas F. Hudson, Art & Art History
Dr. Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, Communication Studies

Cameron School of Business
Dr. Rebecca Guidice, Management

Watson College of Education
Dr. Amelia Moody, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Literacy and Special Education

College of Health and Human Services
Dr. Susan Sinclair, School of Nursing

Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching 2016-17
Dr. Carrie Clements, Psychology 

Following are the new awards presented during the meeting:

J. Marshall Crews Distinguished Faculty Award
Presented by Lolita Bryant, Alumni Association Board Member and Chairperson of the Alumni Awards & Scholarship Committee
Dr. Tom Janicki, CSB-Information Systems and Operations Management

Lecturer of the Year Award 2016-17
Mr. Steve Boul, CAS Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Kevin Kiser, CAS Department of Biology & Marine Biology
Ms. Angie Vandenberg, CHHS School of Social Work

Graduate Mentor Award 2017
Dr. Joe Pawlik, CAS Department of Biology & Marine Biology

Excellence in e-Learning Award 2017
Dr. Elizabeth Gazza, CHHS School of Nursing

UNCW Distinguished Scholarly Engagement and Public Service Award
Senior Scholar:  Mr. Roger D. Shew, CAS Earth & Ocean Sciences; the Senior Scholar will be the nominee for the Board of Governors Award for Public Service.
  Junior Scholar:  Dr. Donna DeGennaro, WCE Education Leadership

The Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award 2017
Dr. Lawrence B. Cahoon, Department of Biology & Marine Biology
Dr. Sally J. MacKain, Department of Psychology

Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award
Dr. Sally J. MacKain, Department of Psychology

We clearly have a talented, dedicated faculty, and, as initiated last year, we also recognized full-time teaching faculty who have been at UNCW for five or more years and who are celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and/or 30+ years of service. The 2017 Fall Faculty Years of Service lists can be found on the Academic Affairs websiteMany thanks to those who comprise the selection committees and to Dr. Carol Ellis for her tireless efforts coordinating these efforts that honor our faculty.

We also acknowledged Dr. Rick Olsen and Dr. Rebecca Guidice, who have generously agreed to serve as faculty representatives on the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute/OLLI Advisory Council.

ACE Fellow

We’re delighted to have with us Dr. Alissa Warters from Francis Marion University in South Carolina. Alissa comes to us as a Fellow of the American Council on Education/ACE and will be working directlyACE Fellow Alissa Warters with the provost and chancellor on several projects. You will see her in attendance at many different meetings as she learns about UNCW.

Dr. Warters is a political scientist and serves as an associate provost at Francis Marion. We welcome her to our university as Dr. Lori Messenger begins her fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University for the current academic year.

Space Planning

In the weeks and months ahead, you will hear a lot about the movement of groups and offices from one location to another on campus. This is due to the enrollment increase and the need for more faculty offices. Below are some of the guidelines driving these projected moves. 

  • Clear from the academic core of campus as much of administrative (non-student facing) units as possible to provide growth opportunity for new faculty hires.
  • Provide decompression of student-facing units such as International Programs, University College and Honors College. These units must grow to accommodate student enrollment and are out of space in their current locations.
  • Relocate like-minded units to enhance staff cohesion, functionality, and collaboration.
  • Minimize disruption as much as feasibly possible.

Thanks to Andy Mauk, Woody Sutton and other members of their committee for their very thoughtful work over the past semester as we try to make the best possible decisions in the interest of our students. Along with Andy and Woody, the committee membership includes Sara Thorndike, Nancy Spirakus, Steve Pickard, Rachael Patrick, Mark Morgan, Sharon Boyd, David Glew, Dana Harris, Julia Lee, Mindi Miller, Nate Miner, Mindy Phillips, Tina Strickland, Matthew TenHuisen, Brian Victor, David Webster, Laura Wiegand, Larry Wray, Stephen Meinhold, Ottillie Mensah, Lisa Siefert, Tom McCarley, and William Sterrett.

Faculty Senate Committee

Thanks to faculty leadership for bringing all of their committees into shape quickly this fall. I have been visiting all of the committees to get a clearer sense of the scope of their work; I’m impressed with the work and planning being done.

The Provost’s Advisory Council has been appointed and will be meeting soon. The members are:




Midori Albert



Stuart Borrett

Biology & Marine Biology


Kimberly Cook

Sociology & Criminology


Glen Harris



Clay Moffett

Economics & Finance


Robin Post



Stephen Meinhold

President, Faculty Senate


Salena Rabidoux

Watson College of Education


Noell Rowan

School of Social Work


Best wishes to you all as we kick off fall 2017!


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Marilyn Sheerer
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs