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Katherine Woolard

May 1, 2018

Senior Kate Woolard ’18 took full advantage of the research opportunities presented to her throughout her time at UNCW.

Though she graduates with her degree in anthropology in May, Woolard is not done with her education. Over the summer, she will work in Bali, Indonesia as a teaching assistant at the Balinese Macaque Enthnoprimatology Field School, where she will have the opportunity to continue working with her mentor, UNCW assistant professor Michaela Howells.

“Macaques are little monkeys, and there’s a sacred forest with a temple in the middle,” Woolard said. “Tourists come in to the island to see it, so we’re observing the monkeys and the people and how they interact.”

In addition to her time in the classroom, Woolard has been very involved in the UNCW community. She served as chair for the Dean’s Student Leadership Council, as well as two years as president of the Anthropology Club. She also worked with the Growth, Adaptation, Pregnancy and Stress (GAPS) Lab, run by Howells.

“The GAPS Lab is what got me interested in global health,” Woolard said. “Working in the lab definitely had a huge professional impact on me.”

After her time in Indonesia, Woolard will head to Arizona, where she will begin working on her Ph.D. in global health at Arizona State University. She noted the advantages she had over friends at larger universities, such as smaller class sizes and opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects as an undergraduate student.

“I want incoming freshmen to know how easy it is to get involved with professors and to do research,” said Woolard. “I think my entire college experience was changed by the fact that I got involved in a lab on campus. I wish that people knew that there are that many opportunities at this school.”

-- Matt Stephenson ’20M