Will Wilkinson ’96M

April 13, 2021

Once a student himself, University Learning Center Director Will Wilkinson ’96M is continuously impressed by the inventiveness, intelligence and investment he sees from students as an instructor, mentor, advisor and supervisor.

Comprised of five academic support services: Academic Achievement Services, Math Services, Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring Services and Writing Services, the ULC is the primary academic support unit on campus.

The center typically employs more than 150 students each year to work as peer educators, plus a few more to provide office coverage. All tutors are required to engage in a nationally certified tutor training program, with an emphasis on not just what is being studied, but how.

Wilkinson says the biggest shift with the current pandemic was going fully remote. “A few of our services had already begun online tutoring via Zoom in the semesters before the pandemic (and before that, via WebEx and asynchronously), so in some ways the transition to online services was seamless,” he said.

Having made the proper adjustments and engaged in additional efforts to reach students, Wilkson is looking at what can be learned from the transitions forced by the pandemic to make permanent changes to the ways the ULC supports students.

Previously a lecturer in the English department, Wilkinson was hired as the writing services coordinator in 2005. He became director of the University Learning Center in 2013, also working as an academic advisor in UC from 2005-18.

A parent of two middle-schoolers and a second grader, he jokes he has “no life” outside of work.

-- Caroline Cropp