Jordan Weber

May 26, 2020

An uncle born with intellectual and developmental disabilities taught Jordan Weber ‘18 Ed.D. a great deal about pushing past limitations. Although his uncle needs assistance in many areas of his life, he also learned to drive a car, hold a job and, for the most part, take care of himself and his 92-year-old mother.  

“He was pushed his whole life, and it taught me how to take care of people with disabilities and also people close to me,” said Weber, a lecturer in healthful living and fitness education at UNCW. “If someone in your family has a disability, you realize the importance of taking care of that person and how that affects everyone in the family.” 

His family’s experience may be what led Weber to become part of the “I Can Do It” program, which began at UNCW in 2010 under Sue Combs, professor of healthful living and fitness education in the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences. Now he is leading the program as part of his Adapted Physical Activity course. 

“I Can Do It” is open to the community and is extremely popular because it enables people to participate in healthy physical activity regardless of physical limitations. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, participants gathered in Hanover Gym and worked with Weber and his UNCW students. For many, the program is a highlight of their week, as well as a brief respite for caregivers. 

The coronavirus outbreak forced Weber to make changes to his curriculum. He took some of his classes to YouTube, developed a list of workouts for people of all abilities and created a virtual "I Can Do It" summer camp. 

Weber has known he wanted to teach since his first experience as the physical education and aquatics director at a summer camp in upstate New York while he was attending Erie Community College, not far from his hometown of Tonawanda, NY. Always a fan of the outdoors and physical activity, he played Division III soccer at the community college.

“After this experience, I knew I wanted to lead in some type of capacity, so I studied physical education at SUNY Brockport,” Weber said. “I moved to Wilmington in 2008 and went to UNCW in 2009 to get my teaching license in health and physical education.”

While working at UNCW with “I Can Do It,” he earned his master’s degree in health education and promotion from East Carolina University and his doctorate in educational leadership through the Watson College of Education. 

Weber’s philosophy of life is simple:

Never cease to be the best you can be. Take full advantage of the opportunities you get in this life – someone is striving to be what you want to become, and someone else is already there. 

-- Tricia Vance 


Note: Photos were taken prior to March 2020.