Fidias Reyes

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March 26, 2019

Three years ago, Fidias Reyes was so frustrated at not being able to find full-time employment in Wilmington that she essentially stopped looking. She ran into her son’s swimming coach at Harris Teeter, who told her about the position of artist services and residency manager within the Office of the Arts. Feeling like the role was “made for her,” she immediately applied.

The arts have always been a part of Reyes’ life. “My mom was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where she supported herself as a singer on a local radio station. My uncles are all musicians, and two of my sisters are actors. So naturally, I went into the business as well,” she said.

After earning a degree in theatre arts management from Herbert H. Lehman College, she took acting classes in New York City. “I had a little bit of success, but not enough to support myself,” she said. Reyes secured a full-time position as a program manager at a nonprofit arts organization, where she supported arts programming for public schools in her native Bronx and Brooklyn.

The skills and experience she gained there helps with her current role, and she is grateful for the unique opportunity to work closely with all of the local, regional and international artists that perform at UNCW.

Admitting to having “a terrible sense of direction,” Reyes once got lost taking a van full of dancers to Wagoner Hall. She jokingly shares two lessons she’s learned in her time at the university: “Don’t take a field trip to a venue that you’ve never visited beforehand, and never escort hungry dancers from out of town.”

While she may consider herself “directionally challenged,” DIY apps and cable shows have encouraged her to take on many household projects (much to her husband’s chagrin, she notes). She is currently collecting pallets to create an outdoor seating area on her deck and is planning to convert the garage into a playroom for her son.

-- Caroline Cropp