Lola Reid

Oct. 30, 2017

For the past 15 years, Lola Reid’s fast-moving hands have produced thousands of prints and copies for faculty and staff.

Reid is a quick copy production specialist in UNCW Printing Services.  When she joined the university in 2002, the Quick Copy Center was in Westside Hall, now DePaolo Hall.  Over the years, the center has made several moves and has had a few name changes before finding its current home in Printing Services. Reid has enjoyed being a part of it all.

“To be able to see the changes in students and how the university itself has changed throughout the years has been an honor,” said Reid.

The job has a few perks, she continued, including building on her craft and interacting with diverse people.

“You get to meet a lot of people from different areas of the world,” she added.

It was in elementary school that Reid discovered her passion for drawing, which eventually led to graphic design.  She owns a part-time graphic design business.

“My first love is graphic design, so I am excited that I have opportunities to design and get paid for it even though most of my workload calls for printing,” Reid said. “Working in the print shop, I have learned different techniques that have helped me personally as well as the university.”

Reid and her co-workers take great pride their work, she said. It is often the first thing prospective students and visitors see when they come to campus. 

“We value our work and everyone in the print shop is good at what they do,” she said. “We want the campus to look good. You should want to be a part of something that is great.”

 - Venita Jenkins