Christine Pesetski

Dec. 7, 2020

Since Christine Pesetski came to UNCW in November 2018, she has experienced only one “normal” semester. Hurricanes Florence and Dorian, and now COVID-19, have added both unpredictability and a sense of increased imperativeness to her job as assistant dean of undergraduate studies and the director of University College.

“Anytime an organization is in a change state, it is important to do everything possible to be supportive of its people,” said Pesetski. “It has been a challenge to ensure that I am flexible and attentive to help others shine during this state of change.”

In her day-to-day world, Pesetski works at the intersection of curricular and co-curricular engagement for students, supporting academic advisors and faculty members. She views her role as a unique opportunity to do some out-of-the-box thinking.  

“I support academic advisors as they guide students in embracing their new identity as a scholar and work with faculty to think creatively about learning communities and undergraduate research opportunities,” she said. “I also partner with the other colleges and schools to shape the pathways students follow toward degree attainment.  I get excited thinking about the types of programs, initiatives, and systems that can be strengthened to meet our retention and graduation goals.”

One of Pesetski’s favorite things about the UNCW community she serves is the university’s devoted alumni. In fact, she credits their passion as one of the main things that drew her to working here.

“I have known UNCW alumni who absolutely love their alma mater, and the spirit of the alumni I have encountered provided a lens for viewing and engaging with the community,” she said. “That kind of deep love and commitment should be part of each person’s love of their undergraduate institution. UNCW has a proud following that made it easy for me to decide, ‘I want to work here.’”

-- Christina Schechtman