Charles Ozuna

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April 30, 2019

Charles Ozuna describes his job as similar to Indiana Jones searching for a valuable artifact – his quest is to find the right internship or job for a UNCW student.
“You are assisting students with their future decisions,” said Ozuna, a career development counselor in the UNCW Career Center. “They ultimately make the decision, but they look to you for guidance and expertise in searching for that diamond-in-the-rough job.”

Each student has a unique gift, story and skill, he said. “I don’t take any of it lightly; a lot of thought and intention go into every conversation.”

Ozuna, who coordinates the annual Career Fair, examines the job market and trends to better assist students considering graduate school or the workforce. He taps into his background in broadcasting and production to connect with students, using different methods from social media to in-person presentations.
“I’m always thinking about what I want my students to walk away with,” he said. “Maybe they need career guidance, reassurance in their decisions, or sometimes they just need a good laugh and someone to lift their spirits.”
One project he hopes to pursue is producing a podcast or mini docuseries highlighting the success of students, internships and Career Center staff. Performing on Comedy Central and learning how to surf are among his other goals.
“I did standup and improv in New York City for three years, so I have zero stage fright,” said Ozuna, who was in the movie “American Gangster” with Denzel Washington.
Ozuna began his career in education as a substitute teacher in New Jersey while freelancing for MTV and BET. He joined UNCW in 2018. The university’s location and proximity to family were just a few selling points for Ozuna when he considered UNCW.
“I truly felt like I could make an impact on an already dynamic team,” he said. “The staff wants to collaborate with you, and if you have special talents, they’re going to let you shine! Vice Chancellor Pat Leonard spotted me out of a large crowd on Move-in Day and said ‘Charles! There’s my guy!’ and greeted me with a hug. When your vice chancellor goes out of her way to really check on you, you know you’re at a great institution.”
-- Venita Jenkins