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David Morrison

February 29, 2016

UNCW graduate student David Morrison enjoys many of the typical college student hobbies – he likes to go to the beach, watch movies, read mystery novels and hang out with friends. Morrison also makes sure there's ample time in his schedule for community involvement. He’s a chair on the Cape Fear Disability Commission and vice-chair of the Miracle League of Wilmington.

Currently, Morrison is pursuing a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management, and he’s a teaching assistant at UNCW’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. No stranger to the university, he also graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in English and a minor in criminology. 

“UNCW provides a space to bring new ideas to the forefront,” said Morrison. “It allows opportunity for communication and collaboration between colleagues that tends to be more of a higher-order sort of dialogue.”

In February 2016, Morrison and Leah Sherrill, a senior majoring in special education, placed first runner-up in the graduate division of the UNC System Social Entrepreneurship Conference and Competition. Their team presented Special Pedals Inc., a developing business that will provide adults with disabilities the opportunity for equal pay, hours and job skills training.

Like many students, Morrison is still trying to decide what he wants to do after graduation. His involvement with the Wilmington Miracle League made him realize he had the experience to become an executive director, but now he’s at a crossroads.

“One of the things I respect about UNCW is the higher-order type of thinking,” said Morrison. “I want to bring that into my career, so I don’t know if I’ll be an independent consultant or how that will flesh itself out, but that’s my goal at this point.”

He has also learned some valuable life lessons during his time at the university. One semester during his undergraduate studies, he was struggling with an independent project, but a teacher came to his assistance.

“She basically said, ‘Don’t be afraid to be who you are.’ And that didn’t take hold right away – I don’t know that it’s still taken hold to this day – but it definitely stuck with me as something I always need to remember.”

--James Nagy