Eduardo Mora

Jan. 30, 2018

While attending UNCW in 2013 as an international undergraduate student, Eduardo Mora knew he had stumbled onto something special.

“Sometimes it can be hard to do things and get any attention when you're new to a country. You can easily feel isolated,” said Mora. “At UNCW, I can talk to my professors and other students about ideas I have, and I know they will be very supportive.”

In part, it was UNCW’s close-knit community that encouraged Mora to return to UNCW and pursue a master’s degree in Spanish.

“UNCW is a great academic community, and people here are willing to work together to make things happen,” he said. “So many people on this campus are doing incredible things. It is an amazing place to learn, and an ever-growing and innovating institution.”

During his tenure at UNCW, Mora has utilized his support network to develop innovative ways to connect his two true passions, language and technology. Mora even recently spearheaded a startup venture, Kidobit, to introduce basic computer coding to young children.

“I see technology and language as educational tools, ways to create stories and games that help educate future generations,” Mora said. “Developing Kidobit was a great learning experience, and I hope to apply what I learned during the process to future endeavors.”

As a graduate teaching assistant, Mora works at the Spanish Conversation Center helping students improve their Spanish conversation skills. Next academic year, Mora will begin teaching his own classes, a prospect he has long dreamed about.

“I really like teaching, and I'd like to get a Ph.D. in education and hopefully help educate future teachers,” said Mora. “It has been my dream to teach at UNCW. I love Wilmington, and I love our campus. I'm really happy I am here.”

-- Christina Schechtman