Jeanine Minge

August 27, 2019

Throughout her life, Jeanine Mingé has carved out spaces and pathways to connect higher education with the community through the arts.

“I truly believe that the arts cultivate connection, empathy, compassion, deep listening, witnessing and personal and collective transformation,” said Mingé, the associate vice chancellor for community engagement. “In these points of deep understanding, we connect. And this connection is transformative. “

Mingé sees great opportunities to define and shape what community engagement means for UNCW and its partners. She joined UNCW in July 2019 after serving in a similar position at California State University, Northridge. Part of her responsibility is to oversee the Office of the Arts, and to work alongside academic departments to promote programming through UNCW Presents within Kenan Auditorium, the Cultural Arts Building and the community.

“It is absolutely thrilling to champion the incredible ‘outside of the walls’ programming already happening and in development at UNCW,” she said. “I also want to celebrate the great work that is being done but perhaps has not yet been showcased.”

Mingé noted that community and academic partnerships prepare students for lifelong learning and civic-minded leadership. “These opportunities amplify UNCW undergraduate and graduate experiences and ultimately help to increase graduation and retention rates by cultivating a sense of purpose and belonging,” she said.

The wealth of opportunity to enhance learning through application and connections with Wilmington and the region is what drew Mingé to UNCW.

“I am inspired by the faculty and staff leading engaged programs and the students dedicated to enhancing their educational experiences through outreach programs,” she said. “I look forward to leading and serving at UNCW to measure, build, sustain and improve pathways to the university.”


-- Venita Jenkins