Amy Mangus standing under a large oak in front of McNeill Hall.

April 2, 2019 

As the College of Health and Human Services continues to grow, marketing and communications coordinator Amy Mangus welcomes the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the programs and people that make CHHS soar. 

The collaborative spirit at CHHS inspires Mangus, who has been actively involved in promoting the sixth annual Health and Human Services Week, April 1-6. 

“I enjoy meeting students, faculty and staff and look forward to telling the stories about the work we do and its impact on the health and quality of life of residents in North Carolina and beyond,” said Mangus, who joined CHHS in March 2018. 

When she was an undergraduate at East Carolina University, Mangus was interested in many subjects, but had difficulty deciding on a major. Her advisor suggested personality testing at the career center. 

“Based on my tests results, the center recommended communication classes,” she said. “And I loved them! I really flourished in the program.” 

In her leisure time, Mangus continues to explore a wide range of interests, which include cruising the Cape Fear River with her husband in their boat. She is SCUBA certified. 

“I also make jewelry, a hobby I started years ago after seeing similar items in department stores and realizing I could probably make them myself,” she said. 

Mangus came to UNCW from the Cape Fear Museum, where she was a public relations specialist. She also held previous communication positions at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and the Cameron Art Museum. At UNCW, she enjoys being part of the student-oriented CHHS team. 

“Faculty involve students in their research and encourage them to conduct their own,” Mangus said. “This allows students to explore career directions, build transferable skills, learn to advocate for and defend their work, prepare to continue their education and contribute that knowledge that will have an impact on the world.”

-- Tricia Vance