Charlotte Linighan

December 9, 2019

All the way from the United Kingdom, Charlotte Linighan joined UNCW for the fall semester. As the lead in the UNCW Department of Theatre’s September 2019 production of Diana of Dobson's, Linighan portrayed a woman who was left penniless by her deceased father and the journey she takes after receiving an unexpected inheritance.
“I didn’t anticipate being cast as a leading role during my stay here, but I was very grateful for the opportunity,” Linighan said. “The play has such an important message regarding the roles of women throughout history, the expectations society bestows on them, and how heavily their class changes the way in which they navigate their world. I hope that I was able to bring some of these issues to the forefront in my portrayal of Diana.”
Linighan hopes to pursue a future career in performing arts in London and, eventually, Los Angeles. As part of the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance exchange program, Linighan discovered a “more relaxed pace of life” in Wilmington, an approach that she plans to take back to London. Rose Bruford College is one of the top theater and performance schools in the United Kingdom. Students accepted into the exchange program spend one semester at UNCW and receive credit toward their degree.
“I have taken to American culture quickly,” she said. “I am constantly surprised by southern hospitality and the friendliness of people within the community.”
Her favorite places to visit have included area beaches and downtown Wilmington. On campus, she has enjoyed spending time in the Cultural Arts Building, home to the Mainstage and Black Box theatres, a dance studio, an art gallery and Beckwith Recital Hall. “There’s always something to see!” she said.
In addition to insights she gained into American stage productions, Linighan has also learned more about ballet and modern dance during her stay at UNCW. A fan of musical theater, she plans to put these skills to good use when she returns home to complete her education.

“I have found the theatre department to be very welcoming. I have most enjoyed working on a show with American actors and an American director,” Linighan said. “Communication within rehearsals felt much more open compared to working on shows I have done back in the UK.”

- Diamond Bentley ‘21