Bill Kawczynski

August 23, 2016

As an intelligence analyst in the U.S. Marine Corps, Bill Kawczynski monitored military and geopolitical situations for more than 50 countries, compiled weekly intelligence summaries, and served as a liaison with numerous foreign military organizations, services and staff sections. The experience he gained has aided him in his new position as director of the Office of Military Affairs.

“Having the knowledge and experience of serving in the military and deploying to so many countries and interacting with a vast array of military entities has prepared me for this role,” he said. “Working as a liaison to agencies such as the Department of State, Government of Iraq (Ministries of Interior, Defense, Justice and Foreign Affairs) while in Iraq and watching a war-ravaged country being formed from the ground up helped prepare me for many challenges.”

Today, Kawczynski helps military-affiliated students navigate the challenges of transitioning from the military to college.

“About 10 percent of our student populace is military-affiliated. Having an office established to serve that population and making connections in the community benefits everyone,” he said.

Kawczynski, who was appointed as director in March 2016, enjoys being able to serve those who have served their country. “Interacting at all levels and meeting with the students to find out what their needs are and how we can best meet them is of utmost importance to me,” he said.

By working with campus partners, Kawczynski, hopes to expand the level of support services UNCW currently provides military-affiliated students and work to increase academic program offerings for military members throughout North Carolina and the country.

“I have the ability to work at all levels on campus and with every sector,” he said. “Being able to interact with so many entities and with such wonderful and dedicated Seahawks, I’m able to grow professionally and personally while using my experiences in the military to affect change in a positive way.”

 --Venita Jenkins